American Go E-Journal

Crazy Go: Benson’s 19 Variations

Thursday August 4, 2016

“Crazy go. It’s insane!” The 19 variations of go available Tuesday night at the US Go Congress have grown from just two that 2016.08.04_Crazy Go - Karoline LiTD Terry Benson played at a Go Congress in Cambridge, England in 1976; Rengo Kriegspiel, a game of pair go where none of the four players can see each other or the board, and a variation of team go involving three-player teams and a lot of beer. Benson’s lineup on Tuesday included Rengo Kriegspiel, Joker Go, Blind Go (where both players are blindfolded, not just one as per Bao Yun), Galactic Go, and Zen Go, which is a three-person go game, which means that every turn you play for the opposite color. “In terms of actual instruction in go, Zen Go is the best,” says Terry. “You have to change your perspective each turn!”
– report/photos by Karoline Li, Congress Tournament Liaison