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Qingbo Zhang 5D Tops NOVA Back-to-School Tourney

Monday September 12, 2016

Qingbo Zhang 5D topped the NOVA Back-to-School tournament, which was held on Saturday, September 10 at George 2016.09.12_NOVABTS16Mason Law School in Arlington VA. Twenty players participated.
The winners were: First place: Qingbo Zhang, 5D, 4-0; Diego Pierrottot, 4K, 3-1 and John Launchbury, 4K, 3-1 (tied); Patrick Sun, 5K, 3-1; Sarah Crites, 10K, 4-0; and Betsy Small, 12K, 4-0.
Second place: Frederick Bao, 4D, 2-2; Zhao Zhao, 5K, 2-2; Anderson Barreal, 8K, 2-2; and Robert Cole, 12K, 2-2.
photo: the three 4-0 winners (l-r): Qingbo Zhang, Betsy Small, and Sarah Crites.
– report/photo by Allan Abramson
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