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Stephanie Yin Reports from the BingSheng Cup World Women’s Go Championship

Saturday December 17, 2016

Stephanie Yin 1p (right) represented North America in the recent BingSheng Cup World Women’s Go Championship. Oh Yujin 3p 2016.12.17_StephanieYin-Bingshenfrom Korea took first place. The 7th (QiongLong Mountain) BingSheng Cup World Women’s Go Championship was held in Suzhou, JiangSu province in China from November 11-17.

2016.12.17_Bingshen-groupThe BingSheng Cup is a single elimination tournament of 16 players. After the first tournament in 2009, it has become one of the most prestigious women’s tournaments. In the opening ceremony, draws were made between the 16 participants, followed by special performances and a luxurious dinner. A very strong field this year attracted passionate local players to spectate throughout the tournament. At the closing ceremony (left), players celebrated the birthdays for Hua, Xueming (female 7dan pro, the leader of Chinese national team) and Hsieh, Yimin 6dan Japanese pro.


“It was my first time to compete in an individual world women’s championship,” Yin told the E-Journal. “I was quite nervous but also excited. After the draws took on the first day, I got to play Song, RongHui Chinese 5 Dan professional player. We are from the same generation of the go world. Our records were pretty close when I was actively competing in China before I came to the States.” The game commentary is below. “The game actually is very exciting. I was so close! I was ahead all the time but I made a silly mistake at the end game and I lost 2.5 points. I reviewed the game with a lot of Chinese pros.”

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