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In Memoriam: Evanston Go Club’s Ian Feldman

Wednesday February 1, 2017

Evanston Go Club member Ian Feldman passed away on Sunday, January 22 of an apparent heart attack. He was 74 years 2017.02.01_ian-feldmanold. Ian was, in long-time friend John Harriman’s words, “The most regular of regulars” at John’s go club and at the No Exit cafe go club when it was in existence. He attended the two current clubs for about 20 years, and was well-known for his intelligence, humor, and insight. Many beginners have benefited from his willingness to teach. Ian also attended numerous U.S. Go Congresses, where he placed as a 1 kyu one year.

“I’ll never forget a conversation we had at the 2002 Chicago Congress”, said EGC president Mark Rubenstein. “I was listening to music on headphones while playing one of my U.S. Open games. I missed an obvious move and lost a group, resulting in my resignation. After the game, Ian asked me why I was wearing headphones, and I told him it helped me relax. “You shouldn’t be relaxed while playing Go!”, he chided me. “You need to be on edge, so you can feel the threat of your opponent’s every move!” He was right, and his comment has stuck with me all these years.”

Ian’s family has donated his collection of go books to the Evanston Go Club. The books will become the Ian Feldman Lending Library, and will be available for club members to borrow any time.

photo courtesy Mark Rubenstein

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