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AlphaGo-AlphaGo Game 9: A trade and the ko that didn’t happen

Friday September 29, 2017

“In this game there’s a big fight on the left side involving a ko and a trade,” says Michael Redmond 9p in his game commentary on AlphaGo-AlphaGo Game 9. “Then there’s another ko that doesn’t happen.”   2017.09.29_ag-ag-thumb-9

Click here for Redmond’s video commentary, hosted by the AGA E-Journal’s Chris Garlock.

Stay tuned for a special video coming soon in which Redmond responds to viewer questions on the AlphaGo-AlphaGo games so far. And Redmond’s Game 10 commentary is coming too, “an outstanding game, a very complicated game that was keeping me up at night trying to understand it. If you’re a serious go player, this game is going to have an impact.”

The Game 9 video is produced by Michael Wanek and Andrew Jackson. The sgf file was created by Redmond, with editing and transcription by Garlock and Myron Souris.