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Evanston tourney draws record crowd

Wednesday September 13, 2017

The Evanston (IL) Go Club hosted its second tournament of the year on September 9, drawing a record attendance of 45 players. There were 2017.09.13_evanstonplayers at every level, from 25k to 7d, and every age from under 10 to over 60.

“It was a great turnout!” said TD and club president Mark Rubenstein. “Typically we have around 30 players. There were only 20 people pre-registered for this one, so I was expecting around 30. But we had 25 walk-ins! Registration was a little overwhelming, but it went quite smoothly.”
2017.09.13_evanston2Players came from six states; Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Minnesota and California. “Special kudos to Steve Burrll for coming all the way from California just for the tournament! If there had been a prize for Most Miles Traveled, he would have won it hands-down.” said Rubenstein. “Twenty of the 45 players were first-time attendees. That’s an unusually high percentage of new players.”
First-place winners (left) were: Cong Chen 1d (4-0), Scott Gerson 6k (4-0), Stephanie Tan 10k (5-0).
Second place winners were: Jim Sun 1d (5-1), tie between Christopher Martin 4k (6-1) and Marcus Bates 3k (6-1), Daniel Lambert 10k (5-1).
“Special thanks to Yellow Mountain for providing awesome prizes!” said Rubenstein.
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