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Go Quiz: Running go players (answers)

Saturday March 3, 2018

E-Journal photographer Phil Straus recently found this photo in his archives and we asked readers if they could identify the 2018.02.24_running-go-playersrunners and the year and location of the U.S. Congress.
First, the answers. The runners (l-r) were: Eric Osman, Jim Kerwin 1P, Anders Kierulf and Bruce Amos. The Congress was the third, in 1987, at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA.
The winners: Keith Arnold, Terry Benson, Roy Laird, Trevor Morris and Debbie Siemon.
Close but no tesuji: Andy Okun, who thought Kerwin was Steve Stringfellow and guessed Amos was George Schmitten; Shai Simonson, who thought Amos was Bob High; and Bruce Amos himself, who not only thought Osman was Phil Straus (who took the photo), but guessed it was the 1985 Congress in Westminster, Maryland. Half a point to Bruce, however, for reminding us that “The first US go congress had about 60 players with about 5 at the 5-dan level or higher, and was won by Thomas Hsiang. Curiously, the wikipedia entry doesn’t mention his name. After that, of course, it really took off.”
Bonus points to Trevor Morris, who not only got the names, year and location right, but noted that “I may be the only player responding here who’s played tournament games against all four! I remember well playing (and losing to) James Kerwin in the Fujitsu Qualifier in a cold winter in Winnipeg in the mid-90s.”

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