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YiLin Xu 5D & James Peters 5k top Mass. Go tourney

Wednesday April 25, 2018

Twenty-nine players — including the TD who played two out of four games to maintain parity — participated in the 2018.04.25_YiLin Xu_Micah_Feldman_James_PetersMassachusetts Go Association’s 2018 Don Wiener Memorial Tournament on April 15 at  the Boylston Chess Club in Cambridge MA. Players ranged from eight to octogenarian. Strengths ranged from 20 kyu to 5 dan.  Four women played.  First and second place cash prizes were combined and divided equally between  YiLin Xu 5 dan (left), and James Peters, 5 kyu (right), both of whom went 4-0. Third place was awarded to Micah Feldman, 3 dan (middle),  “by our software which sorts the 3-1 winners by how well their opponents fared,” reports TD Eva Casey.