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Golaxy, ELF OpenGo and Fine Art carry on AlphaGo’s pioneering work

Sunday May 6, 2018

While AlphaGo officially retired nearly a year ago, other AI developers have picked up where the ground-breaking go-playing AI2018.05.06_Golaxy-KeJie left off. A Chinese-developed AI program, Golaxy, defeated world #2 Ke Jie recently (right), and Golaxy chairman Jin Xing claims it can reach the same level of mastery as AlphaGo from playing much fewer games. And Facebook’s ELF OpenGo recently took on four top-30 human go players—running on a computer with a single GPU powering its computations—and won 14-0. Facebook is making ELF OpenGo available for free to other researchers. In other go AI news, check out this 40-minute documentary, Behind the scenes of Fine Art AI.