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Chinese Weiqi Association’s Yang Yi 6P drops by Seattle Go Center

Wednesday August 22, 2018

Chinese professional Yang Yi 6P, Vice Chairman of Chinese Weiqi Association, played a simul with seven local players at the 2018.08.21_Seattle-ZhangYue-YangYi_2018-07-07Seattle Go Center on July 7. He had dropped by the previous month while in town visiting family and agreed to return after a trip to Hawaii. Yang is a 2018.08.21_Seattle-YangYi-simuls_2018-07-07widely respected go player and teacher in China, “where many famous Chinese go players, including Gu Li, have benefited from his instruction,” reports Seattle Go Club manager Mike Malveaux. “The simuls event on July 7 was very successful,” Malveaux reports. “The Go Center is very grateful to Mr. Yang for making time to visit and teach!” Yang has visited the west coast before, visiting the San Francisco Bay area and Los Angeles after the 2013 Go Congress in Tacoma, WA.

– reported by Zhang Yue and Chen Xiangnan; photos by Chen Xiangnan