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Go Spotting: Aliens and The Artificial Human; The Wheel of Time

Thursday September 20, 2018

Aliens and The Artificial Human: “Just finished watching the final episode of Ancient Aliens Season 13, episode 13,2018.09.20 Ancient Aliens Season 13, episode 13 writes Michael Bacon. “About twenty or so minutes into the program the focus was on Alpha Go vs Lee Sedol, who was called the World Go Champion. The segment, which was a few minutes in length, then moved 2018.09.16_wheel-of-timeon to Alpha Zero.” The episode is called “The Artificial Human.”

The Wheel of Time: “Maybe it has been reported before,” writes Peter Freedman, “but, in Robert Jordan’s series ‘The Wheel of Time’, often people enjoy a ‘game of stones’, which appears to be go.”

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