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Sunday January 20, 2019

by James Sedgwick, president of the Canadian Go Association

CGA summer go camp: We’re now ready to accept registrations. As previously noted the event will take place August 18-23 2019, at Jouvence resort inside Mount Orford national park. Please go to the camp web page for more details and follow instructions to register.  This is going to be a very special event, don’t miss it!
2019 CGA online league about to start: Registration closes for the first session of 2019 this Tuesday January 15th.  36 players are already registered.  As always this is a great chance for some serious games with friends in the Canadian Go community.
Upcoming events
New Go web site: Since stopped active publishing a couple years back there has been a gap in English language online publishing.  The web site explore baduk has now opened, and it is producing significant content.  There is a book reviewing what it is like to study (as a European) at a Chinese Go school.  And there a a regular sequence of articles being published with game reviews, new variations, etc.  Definitely worth adding this site to your regular browsing!  They are making heavy use of AI analysis, making it possible to produce studies in English that couldn’t have been done before without feedback from top professionals.
Yoon-Young Kim 4P reviews top professional games: A couple years the AGA YouTube channel regularly had this sort of review.  But recently they have been focused on the Alphago game reviews, along with some of Michael Redmond’s personal games.  These are wonderful, but its also nice to see top tournament games reviewed.  Yoon-young kim has stepped in to fill some of this gap.  Recent reviews include games from the Tianfu cup, and the Chunlan Cup.  Have a look at her twitch channel, and enjoy!
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