American Go E-Journal

Member’s Edition: Albert Yen 7d on Pandanet City League B

Tuesday July 30, 2019


White:  Tianyuan Zhang 5d (Chicago)
Black: Ary Cheng 6d (San Francisco)
Commentary: Albert Yen 7d
Game Editor: Myron Souris
Published in the July 30, 2019 edition of the American Go E-Journal

This week we’d like to welcome Albert Yen 7d as an E-Journal Member’s Edition game commentator.  Over the last weeks, Albert gave us enlightening commentary on all 8 of his World Amateur Championship games as seen on the AGA’s home page.

In this 2nd round, board 3, game of the 2018 Pandanet City League B Division, Albert describes both players and key concepts from the game:

“Both are very talented young players.  Ary has already gotten 4 Redmond Cup Championship titles as a 13 year old and from personal observation I believe Tianyuan has the strength of an AGA 6d.  They are both pupils of Mingjiu 7p (whom I have studied under for 5 years).  In this game both sides show incredible fighting spirit, although they often get too caught up in local fighting and forget to evaluate the direction of play and consider the global position.  This is a good game for players who typically overindulge in fighting to learn from.  There are several instances of direction mistakes, so see if you catch them!”

Albert Yen first started playing go at the age of five after watching Hikaru no Go on television.  He received 6 dan at the age of 7 in Taiwan.  Albert continued to compete in America after he moved to Chicago in fifth grade and studied under Jiang Mingjiu 7p.  To date, he has made several showings in national and international tournaments, including winning representation to the World Youth Goe Championship in 2014, 1st place in the Redmond Cup in 2015, and 4th place at the 2019 World Amateur Go Championship.  Albert is currently a second year undergraduate student in UIC’s GPPA BA/MD program in Chicago.  Outside of go, Albert enjoys sprinting and running.