American Go E-Journal

Member’s Edition: Yuan Zhou on Chinese Agon Cup

Tuesday September 17, 2019


Commentary: Yuan Zhou 7d
Game editors: Bill Cobb, Myron Souris
Published in the September 17, 2019 edition of the American Go E-Journal.

Yuan Zhou reviews this semifinal match of the 2019 Chinese Agon Cup, between Ke Jie 9p and Fan Tingyu 9p. Yuan Zhou gives this summary of te players: “Ke Jie is the number one (human) player in the world, currently holding seven world titles. Fan Yingyu is a strong member of the Chinese national team. Although Ke Jie is number one in the world he currently has won only one national Chinese title. He says that, because of the strength of the national Chinese team, the competition is more difficult in national Chinese matches than in world matches. In this game, Fan Tingyu, who won the last Ing Cup four years ago, is Black, and Ke Jie is White. Ke Jie’s record playing White is much better than when he plays Black.”

Yuan Zhou 7 dan is one of the strongest players in the US. He has won many titles. Zhou is also a popular teacher, lecturer, and author. He lives in Germantown, MD, and can be reached at . This commentary is typical for Zhou, who has published several books, including such thorough commentaries of pro games at Slate & Shell (