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China Shenyang Dongqi Go School defeats California Go Association (Li Hai Go School) in online friendship match

Thursday July 16, 2020

The China Shenyang Dongqi Go School faced off against the California Go Association (Li Hai Go School) in a one-round friendship team match on July 10th. Held on the Xinbo Go server, 14 youth players from each team competed against each other, with the first board broadcast on Yikeweiqi. The match concluded in a 13-1 victory for the China Shenyang Dongqi Go School, with Seowoo Wang 5d managing to score the California Go Association team’s sole win against Jin Xitong 5d on the first board.

“The goal of this friendship match was to overcome the difficulties during the pandemic through Go,” said organizer Li Hai 5P. He believes that through these kinds of international friendship matches, young players will significantly improve. Li Hai plans to organize more events in the future and hopes that more youth players will be able to participate.

report by Seowoo Wang

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