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Registration open for weekly online classes with Feng Yun 9P through her Go school

Saturday August 22, 2020

Feng Yun 9p is now accepting new students for online weekly classes beginning in September. Classes are open to all ages and organized into three levels, and improving students will be able to move into higher levels at Feng Yun’s recommendation after initial placement. Feng Yun 9P has been teaching weekly classes, private lessons, and workshops for more than two decades, and established the Feng Yun Go School in New Jersey in 2002. These online classes will combine her teaching experience with contemporary technology, using Zoom and various online Go servers. Classes will be live and interactive, allowing students to interact and ask questions. “My tradition is to know the individual student, identify weaknesses, and recommend a study program,” says Feng Yun. “Whether you want to become a national champion or just want to appreciate the wonderful game of weiqi more deeply, these classes have much to offer.” More information about the classes and registration is available on her website.