American Go E-Journal

EJ seeks Assistant Game Editor

Friday January 15, 2021

The E-Journal is looking for a volunteer Assistant Game Editor to work with Bill Cobb, who’s assuming the duties of EJ Game Editor Myron Souris, who’s moving on to other projects. The weekly game commentaries by Guo Juan, Yuan Zhou, Kaz Furuyama, Gansheng Shi and Albert Yen – as well as life and death puzzles by Yilun Yang – have long been a favorite EJ feature. Anyone interested can email

“I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to outgoing EJ Game Editor Myron Souris,” said EJ Managing Editor Chris Garlock. “Myron is an absolute joy to work with, and his eye for detail, superlative systems management and unending patience have been a constant inspiration.” Souris also worked closely with Garlock and Michael Redmond on Alpha to Zero and Garlock said that “Myron was the key to resolving many of the sticky technical and workflow challenges that came up on that project.”

Bill Cobb brings a tremendous amount of experience to the Game Editor position, thanks to his role as Slate and Shell publisher, and he’s also been part of the EJ team in various capacities over the years. “With such capable shoes to fill, we’re very fortunate to welcome Bill back to an active role on the team,” said Garlock.