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AGA and CGA announce the North American Go Federation

Saturday February 6, 2021

The American Go Association and the Canadian Go Association are pleased to announce the formation of the North American Go Federation (NAGF), a governing body representing Go across North America.

The NAGF will inherit the joint professional system of the American Go Association and the Canadian Go Association and will work on growing and enriching this system. In addition, the NAGF will work to develop and support Go competitions for both elite players and amateur fans in North America. NAGF will also be the vehicle for choosing North American representatives for international events, while the AGA and the CGA will continue to select for invitations directed to them individually.

“For hundreds of years, countries in East Asia have celebrated those who achieve mastery in Go, and we believe the highest achieving Go players in North America deserve recognition as well,” says the NAGF’s Chair of the Board and American Go Association President Andy Okun. “The Canadian Go Association is pleased to have a formal structure around the collaboration which has always existed between the AGA and CGA, and are looking forward to what we can achieve together,” adds James Sedgwick, President of the Canadian Go Association.

Regional Go associations such as the European Go Federation and the Ibero-American Go Federation have brought tremendous improvements to the development of Go in their respective communities. The intention of the NAGF is to learn from these organizations and collaborate with them when opportunities present themselves.

For more information on the NAGF, please visit the official website, or send an email to

-report by Hajin Lee 4P