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Go Spotting: Hikaru no Go; Cyberpunk 2077

Tuesday February 16, 2021

Cyberpunk 2077
“While playing Cyberpunk 2077, a recently released RPG videogame, I was doing a mission and came across a game of Go on some barrels in the middle of a street,” reports Liam McFadden. “Oddly enough, as you get further away from the board, the texture switches from showing a 19×19 board to a 10×10. I’m not surprised that the texture changes to the smaller board size, but I find it interesting that obviously somebody knows enough about Go and cared enough to put this in the game, but then makes the lower resolution board a 10×10 rather than 9×9.”

Hikaru no Go
There is now a Chinese drama based on Hikaru no Go, reports Dave Weimer. Here’s a review. Also, on page 59-60 of Walter Mosley, Trouble s What I Do (Little Brown, 2020) is the following: “Talking to Twill was like playing a game of Go; words were like pieces that accrued on all sides until, in the end, victory was the child of sacrifice.”

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