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The Power Report: Meijin League; 32nd Women’s Meijin league; Shin Minjun wins LG Cup

Thursday March 4, 2021

by John Power, Japan correspondent for the E-Journal

Meijin League
After three rounds of the 46th Meijin League, Ichiriki Ryo holds the provisional lead on 3-0, but Hane Naoki, on 2-0, is also undefeated. Shibano, the previous Meijin, has got off to a bad start on 0-3 and will have to focus on retaining his league place rather than on becoming the challenger. Results this year follow.
(Jan. 7) Ichiriki (B) beat Yo Seiki 8P by resig.; Hane Naoki (B) beat Kono Rin 9P by resig.
(Jan. 21) Motoki Katsuya 8P (W) beat Shibano Toramaru by half a point; Kyo Kagen (B) beat Anzai Nobuaki 7P by resig.
(Feb. 4) Hane (W) beat Yo by resig.
(Feb. 11) Ichiriki (W) beat Kyo by resig.; Anzai (B) beat Kono by resig.
(Feb. 18) Yamashita Keigo 9P (W) beat Shibano by resig.

32nd Women’s Meijin league
With the addition of a new sponsor, this tournament had resumed after a gap of one and a half years. Suzuki Ayumi and Ueno Asami share the lead in the seven-player league, with both on 3-0. Results to date:
(Jan. 21) Nyu Eiko 3P (W) beat Mukai Chiaki 5P by 3.5.
(Jan. 25) Ueno Asami (B) beat Xie Yimin 6P by resig.
(Feb. 1) Suzuki Ayumi, Women’s Kisei, (B) beat Kato Chie 2P by 9.5; Xie (W) beat Tsuji Hana 1P by 2.5.
(Feb. 4) Suzuki (B) beat Mukai by resig.
(Feb. 8) Nyu (B) beat Kato by 7.5.
(Feb. 11) Ueno (W) beat Mukai by resig.; Xie (W) beat Nyu by resig.; Kato (B) beat Tsuji by resig.
(Feb. 18) Ueno (B) beat Tsuji by 6.5; Suzuki Ayumi 7P (W) beat Nyu by resig.

Shin Minjun wins LG Cup
The best-of-three final for the 25th LG Cup was held at the beginning of February. Ke Jie 9P (aged 23) of China made a good start but Shin Minjun (aged 21) of Korea came back strongly to take the next two games and win his first major international title (he won the 6th Globis Cup in 2019). First prize is 300,000,000 won (about $270,000). Below are the results from the quarterfinals on.
Quarterfinals (Nov. 9); Park Junghwan 9P (Korea) (B) beat Yang Dingxin 9P (China) by resig.; Ke Jie 9P (China) (W) beat Weon Seongjin 9P (Korea) by resig.; Shin Minjun 9P (Korea) (W) beat Lee Taihoon 7P (Korea) by resig.; Byan Sangil 9P (Korea) (B) beat Kang Dongyun 9P (Korea) by resig.
Semifinals (Nov. 11). Shin (W) beat Park by resig.; Ke (W) beat Byan by resig.
Game 1 (Feb. 1). Ke (W) by resig.
Game 2 (Feb. 3). Shin (W) by resig.
Game 3 (Feb. 4). Shin (W) by 3.5.

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