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California Pair-Go Championship – Online registration open until June 3rd

Friday May 21, 2021

Registration for the 2nd Annual California Pair-Go Championship – Online is now open at  All AGA members can enter this free five-round competition which will take place over five weeks – one game per week – beginning June 5, 2021. Registration will close on June 3 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. There will be Open and Handicapped sections. Although any pair of players can make up a team, the best male/female pair in the Open section will be crowned California Rengo Champions for 2021. Team-Wang made up of Yixian Zhou 6d and Seowoo Wang 5d were the 2020 Champions.

Japan invented Pair-Go to encourage more women to play the game – rules can be found at At its base, Rengo is Go played by a team of two, where the teammates cannot communicate with one another. For handicap games, a team’s rating is the average of the individual players’ ratings. All games will be played on KGS in the San Diego Go Club room. KGS prevents players from playing out of turn and handles the clock which is shared by a team. GoClubsOnline will handle registration, formation of teams by the players, and the pairings. Prizes for section winners will be San Diego Go Club T-shirts. Full details can be found at GoClubsOnline. Send questions to Ted Terpstra, President of the San Diego Go Club, at