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2021 e-Go Congress Registration Closes July 15, Congress Begins July 17

Monday July 12, 2021

The e-Go Congress starts this weekend!  With registration still open and 436 registered players, including 352 players for the e-Go Open, 120 players for the daytime Blitz tournament, and 60 players for the Double-Digit Kyu Tournament, this year’s congress is turning out to be one of the most popular ever!  Haven’t registered yet, or want to change your registration?  Check out the e-Go Congress website!

Not sure if you can make it to the e-Go Congress this year?  Fortunately, no travel is involved, so you can feel free to register for one event or every event!  The e-Go Open is designed for people who are only available over the weekend, while the Blitz Tournament is accessible to US players available during the day, as well as overseas players who may not be able to attend events during the US evening.  The Double-Digit Kyu Tournament is a chance for developing players to meet each other and get in some good competition that might be hard to find elsewhere, while the Pair Go Tournament is a chance to enjoy a rengo game with a friend (mixed gender pairs expected). We also have a 9×9 Tournament on the first evening (July 17), and a Tsumego Challenge 

Are you looking to do more than just play go?  Check out our online store for merchandise including t-shirts, hoodies, and tote bags, as well as special go-themed socks and all our goodies from last year!  This year we are also continuing the tradition of the Bob High Memorial Song and Poetry Contest with a deadline of Monday, July 19.  Interested in doing something artistic, but you aren’t much of a word person?  We have a new Picture a Go Player contest, with a deadline of Friday, July 23.  This contest is open to all players of any age, and includes nifty prizes for the winners, such as your design on a Congress t-shirt!  

Looking to give back to the Go Community?  This year the AGF is going above and beyond with the 2021 E-Congress AGF Fundraiser.  The auction currently includes an 18cm floor board accompanied by agate and onyx stones, but look for more auction items to appear soon! 

You can also keep up to date with all of the e-Go Congress happenings by watching our Twitch stream [link needed], including a broadcast of the Pandanet AGA City League Finals on Friday, July 23 at 8pm EDT.