American Go E-Journal

New at this year’s eGo Congress: Leon Chen 4p’s Tsumego Challenge

Wednesday July 7, 2021

The 2021 eGo Congress will feature a brand new challenge designed to encourage players to participate in problem solving and improve their reading skills. Leon Chen 4p’s Tsumego Challenge was created and will be presented by Leon Chen 4P and Stephen Hu, and consists of 40 tsumego (life-and-death problems) of varying difficulty, generally ranked from easiest to most difficult. The problems are divided into five levels, with one puzzle of each level posted per day spanning over the course of the eight days of the congress. Participants have most of the day to work on the puzzles, submit their answers and (optionally) provide a brief justification of their thought processes. Solutions will be posted every evening during the live broadcasts on the official AGA Twitch channel, and the best challengers will be rewarded with free copies of Leon Chen 4p’s original tsumego collections, Spindrift and Planet.