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SDGC resumes meeting, one game to go in 2021 California Rengo Championship

Tuesday July 13, 2021

After a year’s hiatus, the San Diego Go Club has resumed meeting weekly for in-person play.
Because the meeting place for the last 20-years, Twigg’s Coffee House, still is not open in the evenings, SDGC has moved its weekly games to

At Ease Games
8990 Miramar Road
Suite #150
San Diego, CA 92126

Eleven club members showed up Thursday July 1st, with ratings from 7d to double-digit-kyu. All participants were given a back-issue of Go World. All Go players are welcome and free lessons are offered.

The SDGC is wrapping up its fourth online go tournament necessitated by the pandemic: the 2021 California Rengo Championship. Ten teams competed: five in the Open and five in the Handicap Section with a round robin competition in each section.

Team-Zhang – Quingbo Zhang 5d and Zhiyuan Zhang 5d, both from Virgini – went undefeated in the Open. Lucia Moscola 8k and Ted Terpstra 5k, both from San Diego, remain undefeated in the Handicap Section, with one game to go.

-report by Ted Terpstra

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