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Go Spotting: Beyond the Visible; Hilma af Klint

Monday August 23, 2021

“I always have enjoyed when people spot and report where a Go set or play has been viewed,” writes Rick Whitehead. “Last night I watched a documentary that I can’t imagine many of this community have seen;  ‘Beyond the Visible; Hilma af Klint’.  We watched it on Kanopy, but I think it’s viewable on a variety of streaming services.  They interview people about this female painter from circa 1910 or so.   One is a German man, an art historian, and in the background of the room next to where he’s talking (in his home) is a nice Go board on a side table with two nice Go bowls.  It’s never mentioned, but quite prominently appears each time they return to his interview. HIlma’s art is quite nice too, and historically relevant.”

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