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Yuan Zhou Game Commentary: Nakamura Sumire’s (1p) First International Game

Tuesday October 5, 2021

Nakamura Sumire 1p became a go professional at the age of ten and is thought by many to be a true prodigy, continually astonishing the go world. She is the great hope of Japanese go fans eager for a player who can compete with greater success on the international stage. 

Sumire’s first opportunity to prove her mettle on the international stage was  the Go Seigen Cup, a pro tournament for women, held on July 18th of this year. Her opponent in the first round was Kim Cheqyoung 6p of South Korea, winner of last year’s tournament and a formidable first international opponent. Due to the pandemic, this game was played on the internet. 

Chinese rules; Komi is seven and a half points. Nakamura Sumire is White; Kim Cheqyoung is Black.


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