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Member’s Edition: Yuan Zhou on Go Seigen Cup

Tuesday November 23, 2021

White: Yu Zhiying 6p
Black: Ueno Asami 4p
Commentary: Yuan Zhou

Yuan Zhou’s Commentary is on a pro game played on July 19, 2021, in the 4th Go Seigen Cup International Women’s Championship. This is the only current women’s world championship. It is sponsored by a Chinese company and played in China. The players are Yu Zhiying 6p, the current number one woman player in China, who is playing White, and Ueno Asami 4p, who is the number two woman player in Japan and plays Black. (Number one among women players in Japan now is Fujisawa Rina 5P, who is the granddaughter of Fujisawa Shuko 9p.) Typically of strong women players, this is a game with a lot of contact fighting. The komi is seven and a half points.

Yuan Zhou is based in Germantown, Md. His web site is at


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