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Redmond on Hashimoto vs. Go Seigen: Sunday at 7p EDT

Saturday November 6, 2021

(l-r) Hashimoto Utaro, Segoe Kensaku and Go Seigen

Tune in at 7p EDT on Sunday, November 7 for Michael Redmond 9p’s commentary on another classic game, this one between Hashimoto Utaro and Go Seigen. “This was the fourth game of their second Jubango,” says Redmond. “Hashimoto was Honinbo, and the Kansai Kiin was on the verge of splitting from the Nihon Kiin with Hashimoto as one of its founding members. From their previous Jubango, the handicap was Sen-Ai-Sen, no komi, which happened to match the 8P-9P rank difference. This game was a turning point that made it a very dangerous series for Hashimoto. Go Seigen shows one of his joseki innovations that was not popular at the time, but now looks normal. They also played an AI-like 3-3 invasion joseki.” Tune in at 7p EDT (reminder that U.S. clocks turn back one hour at 2a on 11/7) on the AGA’s Twitch channel.