American Go E-Journal

Vermont Go Club’s tournament variation

Monday November 22, 2021

The Vermont Go Club held a club tournament over the past four weeks, reports organizer Pete Schumer. The winner was Jack Cary (2k) with a perfect record of 5 – 0.  “I’m writing to the e-journal just as a suggestion for other clubs,” says Schumer. “All our games were self-paired, in person, timed appropriately, and with everyone wearing masks.  The idea was that with current conditions, it’s tough to get everyone together for a full day weekend tournament.  But by spreading it out over four meetings and allowing people to play just one or at most two ‘official’ games each week along with some friendly games, we were able to create a low-pressure but enjoyable tournament.  Even if a player missed a meeting or two, it didn’t really matter.”