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San Diego Go Club holds Go Soiree

Wednesday December 1, 2021

On Sunday November 21, the San Diego Go Club celebrated the joining of many new members by holding a Go Soiree at club president Ted Terpstra’s home. Over 25-players showed up including two professionals (Hai Li 5P and Han Han 5P) and three 7d amateurs. One player arrived on the new trolley line that opened earlier that day and now stops at the bottom of the hill.

Players were asked to be masked except while eating and drinking and for the occasional photograph. Plenty of hand sanitizer was available for participants.

Go boards were scattered over three floors of the house and also in the Japanese garden backyard as players sought competition or a teaching game. Kibitzing was the order of the day.

After 7 hours of playing Go and socializing with pizza and drinks, the last players were shooed out at 8:00 p.m. Things will not be as convivial Thanksgiving Saturday and Sunday, as many of these players will meet in the King Cup – California State Go Championships hosted by the SDGC.

-report and photo by Ted Terpstra

Photo: SDGC members Tony 7d (Left) and Kevin 7d Yang enjoying a brotherly game on a 7.5-inch kaya board.
Also in photo, their sensei, Han Han 5p, and a future Harvard student. Special note: Between the bowls of stones can be seen a 1986 American Go Journal with a young Michael Redmond on the cover. The Journal referred to him as “the strongest Westerner in the entire history of Go.” Inside that issue was an interview of Redmond by Les Lanphear: Soiree attendee, long-time SDGC member, and a current member of the AGA Board of Directors.