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Transatlantic Online Pro League Qualifier set for this weekend

Friday February 18, 2022

This weekend, two seats in the new season of the Transatlantic Online Pro League (, which begins on Feb 26, are up for grabs in an amateur qualification tournament.

Four North American players are invited: Aaron Ye, Brady Zhang, Kevin Yang, and Alexander Qi. The tournament format is a double elimination. 

All games will be played online on OGS with a time setting of 30 minutes main time and 3×30 byo-yomi. To ensure fair play, all competitors are required to record a video during their games and submit the video afterwards.

The match start times are as follows:

Round 1

Feb 19 (Saturday): 10 AM Pacific Time / 1 PM Eastern Time

Aaron vs. Alexander

Brady vs. Kevin

Round 2

Feb 19 (Saturday): 1:30 PM Pacific Time / 4:30 PM Eastern Time

Winners bracket

Losers bracket

Round 3

Feb 20 (Sunday): 10 AM Pacific Time / 1 PM Eastern Time

Loser from winners bracket vs. Winner from losers bracket