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The Power Report: Kyo wins Teikei New Stars; Kyo defends Judan; Ueno wins 4th international Senko Cup; Fujisawa reaches best eight in Tengen

Sunday May 22, 2022

by John Power, Japan correspondent for the E-Journal

Teikei Cup Shibano (left) & Kyo

Kyo wins Teikei New Stars
The second game of the 1st Teikei New Stars title match was held in the Ryusei Studio at the Nihon Ki-in in Ichigaya, Tokyo, on April 2. Taking white, Kyo Kagen beat Shibano Toramaru by resignation after 238 moves. Kyo took the lead in the opening. Things became perilous when Shibano made a deep invasion, but Kyo managed to hang on to his lead. This was his second win, so he won the inaugural title. First prize is 10,000,000 yen (about $77,500).

Kyo defends Judan
The third game of the Daiwa House Cup 60th Judan title match was held at the ANA Holiday Inn Resort Shinano Omachi Kuroyon in Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture, on April 7. Taking black, Kyo Kagen Judan (photo) outplayed Yo Seiki 8-dan, the challenger, in the middle game and secured a resignation after 205 moves. This was Kyo’s third win, so he defended his title. First prize is 7,000,000 yen. This is Kyo’s sixth title.

Ueno wins 4th international Senko Cup
The Senko Cup World Go Strongest Woman Player tournament was held on the Net from April 8 to 10. In net tournaments, the venue for Japanese players is usually the Nihon Ki-in, but in this tournament they play at the Hotel Kaie in Koto Ward, which is one of the sponsors of the tournament. Ueno Asami won three games straight and secured her first victory in an international tournament. This was, in fact, the first victory by a Japanese woman in an international tournament. Ueno beat Yu Zhiying of China, winner of the first three Senko Cups, in the first round and her fellow Japanese representative Xie Yimin helped her out by beating Cho Jeong, the world’s top-rated woman player, also in the first round. Second place was taken by Lu Yuhua 4-dan of Chinese Taipei. First prize is 5,000,000 yen.

Round 1 (April 8). Fujisawa Rina 5-dan (Japan) (W) beat Nakamura Sumire 2-dan (Japan) by 2.5 points; Ueno Asami 4-dan (Japan) (W) beat Yu Zhiying 7-dan (China) by resig.; Lu Yuhua 3-dan (Chinese Taipei) (W) beat Suzuki Ayumi 7-dan (Japan) by resig.; Xie Yimin 7-dan (Japan) beat Choi Jeong 9-dan (Korea) by resig.
Round 2 (April 9). Ueno (W) beat Fujisawa by resig.; Lu (B) beat Xie by resig.
Round 3 (April 10). Ueno (B) beat Lu by resig.
Playoff for 3rd place (April 10). Fujisawa (B) beat Xie by resig.

Fujisawa reaches best eight in Tengen
On April 4, Fujisawa Rina (W) beat Cho Riyu 8-dan by resignation in the main section the 48th Tengen tournament. This earned her a seat in the quarterfinals. This is only the second time a woman player has made the best-eight in a top-seven tournament. The first player to do so was the same Fujisawa – in last year’s Judan tournament. Incidentally, in the first round of the main section, Fujisawa beats Cho Chikun, Hon. Meijin.

Tomorrow: Ichiriki wins 1st New Ryusei; Ichiriki to challenge for Gosei; Meijin & Kisei S League reports; Sumire’s progress; Most wins, Most successive wins, Recently ended streaks & promotion

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