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INAF announces new professional lecture videos

Monday November 21, 2022

Video stills: top: Takemiya Masaki 9p; bottom right: Cho Zuiketsu 5p; bottom left: Tajiri Yuto 5p

The Iwamoto North American Go Foundation (INAF) has just released three videos produced in cooperation with the Nihon Kiin. The first is a lecture by Takemiya Masaki 9p on his choice of the “best selection of cosmic-style game”. He gives detailed commentary of the game between himself and Cho Chikun to decide the 1988 Kisei challenger.

The second video introduces several modern “AI style Josekis” in a lecture by Cho Zuiketsu 5p. These new moves are analyzed in detail using actual games between Cho and other pros as examples, “including a very clever ladder-blocker that you don’t want to miss!” says INAF’s Thomas Hsiang. Cho should be familiar to the western players as he was dispatched by the Nihon Kiin to the Seattle Go Center in 2018 and to Europe in 2019.

The third video is given by Tajiri Yuto 5p on “how to use thickness for kyu players”. Tajiri visited the US Go Congress and the Seattle Go Center in 2019 and was a popular lecturer for the kyu players. In this lecture he discusses how to build and use thickness, an important topic as one moves from the kyu to dan ranks.

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