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Evanston Go Club hosts first in-person tournament since beginning of pandemic

Saturday August 14, 2021

The Evanston Go Club returned to in-person competition with a tournament on Saturday, July 31. “Turnout was excellent, with 36 players ranging from 30 kyu to 8 dan, including 15 first-timers and seven players from out of state,” says club president and TD Mark Rubenstein. “I wasn’t sure whether attendance would be low due to COVID concerns, or high due to people eager to get out and play in person. But I had an inkling it would be the latter, since attendance at our weekly club meetings in the last month has been much higher than normal.” Rubenstein also notes that this may be a very good time for clubs to reach out to new players. “We’re seeing lots of first-time players, and they’re coming back each week!” Winners received cash prizes, and the winner of the low dan band also received a copy of Albert Yen’s new book “Overcoming Human Igo” (available on Amazon).

High dan 1st place: Albert Yen
High dan 2nd place: Alexander Qi
Low dan (three-way tie): Wanqi Zhu, Lee Huynh, Sungsoo Kim
Low kyu 1st place: Aaron Soley
Low kyu 2nd place: Mike Neigebauer
High kyu 1st place: Robert Qi
High kyu 2nd place: Lewis Herman

-report by Mark Rubenstein


Yoonyoung Kim 8P and women’s team hold 2-0 lead over the veterans at 15th Korean Gigi Auction Cup

Sunday August 1, 2021

Yoonyoung Kim 8P won her two opening games against Sujang Kim 7P and Yoo Changhyuk 9P on July 26 and 27 at the 15th Gigi Auction Cup veteran-women Go Challenge in Seoul, Korea. Each team, a women’s team and a veterans team – with players all 45 years old or above – has 12 players and sends out one competitor at a time. All games are live on BadukTV and can be found on their YouTube channel. On Monday morning, August 2nd, Kim 8P will take on Lee SungJae 9P hoping for a three-win streak, which will mean an additional prize. The winning team prize is $100,000 (120 million won). Since 2007, the women’s team has won eight times (the 1st, 4th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 14th) and the veterans team has won six times.

-photos from BadukTV
-report by Capital Go Club

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Final day to bid on items AGF auction

Saturday July 24, 2021

Today is the final day to bid in the auction to benefit the AGF. Participants can bid on Go lessons from online teachers, dojo membership, Go equipment, Go books, old Go periodicals, and more! Players can also donate directly to the AGF to help support the amazing projects they do every year. Funds donated to the AGF support the following programs, and more:

  • Send free Go equipment to hundreds of schools across the nation
  • Help teachers to purchase additional equipment on a matching basis
  • Provide matching startup funds for new Go programs for children
  • Publish The Way to Go, the most widely read Go book in English
  • Distribute free copies of Go As Communication, a book about teaching Go
  • Purchase specialized equipment for Go instructors in schools
  • Cover thousands of dollars of scholarships for kids and youth players at the Go Congress
  • Bring the AGF Teacher of the Year to the Go Congress
  • Grant annual college scholarships to players who promote go in their communities
  • Provide youth scholarships to attend the AGA Summer Go Camps
  • Maintain the KGS server as a go owned and operated community
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NYGHS Summer Open concludes, Tony Tang 7D finishes as Dan Division Champion

Saturday July 24, 2021

The NYGHS is proud to announce the conclusion of our first official tournament. The tournament ran smoothly despite the unconventional format. Participants spent their first competition day, June 27th, competing for a seed in the second day. On the second competition day, which took place on July 3rd, players were placed into brackets based on their seeds and competed for first, second, and third place in their respective divisions. All tournament participants were given a chance to play on the second competition day regardless of how they had initially performed. 

Totaling 32 players, participants were split into three divisions with each division featuring a $75 prize for first and a $50 prize for second. Top three players in each division will also receive a one month silver subscription to the NYIG YouTube channel. The tournament concluded with a first place finish from Tony Tang 7d in the Dan Division after his win against runner-up Eric Yoder 6d. 

Full Results:
Division A:
1st place – Tony Tang 7D
2nd place – Eric Yoder 6D
3rd place – Jate Greene 3D 

Division B:
1st place – Albert Tang 1K
2nd place – Michael Sherman 2K
3rd place – Jamie Tang 5K

Division C:
1st place – Della Tang 12K
2nd place – Benjamin Lo 9K
3rd place – Ajay Dheeraj 14k

“Thank you so much to all our engaged participants who were able to make the tournament possible,” says Patrick Zhao. “We will do our best to provide and improve upon events such as these in the future. After other summer Go events, namely the e-Go Congress, stay on the lookout for the return of the NY GO League. We hope to see you soon!”

-report by Patrick Zhao


INAF and Nihon Kiin upcoming events

Wednesday July 21, 2021

The Iwamoto North America Foundation (INAF) and the Nihon Kiin announce two upcoming joint online events.  Anyone may sign up on a first-come-first-served basis.

Above, Mitani 7p and Tormanen 1p. Photos provided by Nihon Kiin.

Event 1 –  August 2  2021, US Eastern time 21:00 to 22:30.   Lecture for kyu players by Mitani Tetsuya 7p (三谷哲也) and Antti Tormanen 1p.  This pair has frequently visited Europe and given many popular lectures since 2012. This event is limited to the first 100 people. Register for this webinar.

Above, Taijiri 5p. Photo provided by Nihon Kiin.

Event 2 – August 7 2021 US Eastern time 21:00 to 22:30.  Interactive AI play for kyu players with Tajiri Yuto 5p (田尻悠人).  All participants will join in to play with AI, led by Mr. Taijiri who will also provide Q&A, quizzes, and commentary. Register ahead of time for this webinar.

Additional events will be forthcoming.  Please check INAF website and on AGA e-journal for announcements.

  • Lecture by Tsuruyama Atsushi 8p, a student of Cho Chikun, on “Key points of Capturing Race” (single-digit kyu to 4d players); 
  • Lecture by Michael Redmond 9p on “Technical Improvements” (dan players); 
  • Lecture by Mitani Tetsuya 7p and Antti Tormanen 1p on “Understand Go Rules and How to Play on 9×9” (beginners); 
  • Lecture by Ichiriki Ryo 9p, commentary on his recent games (all players). This will be presented on YouTube.

Go to the INAF website to sign up:
 Zoom links will be sent to all registrants by the end of July.


Triangle Go Group summer park tournament a success

Thursday July 15, 2021

A summer tournament was held at Umstead State Park in Raleigh, NC on July 11, 2021. Twenty four Go players participated. This was the Triangle Go Group’s first paired tournament in nearly 2 years. In keeping with tradition, all entry fees were returned to the players as prize money.

In the very competitive Open Section, there was a 3 way tie for first place honors: Jeff Kuang, Nianci Gan and Sheng (Thomas) Huo each racked up 3 wins and 1 loss. Second place was earned by Xiaoping Wu. Strengths in the top band ranged from 1d to 4d.

Players enjoyed typical North Carolina summer weather that varied from comfortably warm to occasional late day showers, perfect for playing Go. Tournament Director Jeff Kuang ran the show smoothly and pairings appeared quickly. Charles Alden provided invaluable offsite support. A pizza lunch was provided by the Triangle Go Group, along with donuts and iced water.

First place in Section B was captured by Leroy Anderson III with an impressive 3-1 record, losing only to a strong player from the Open Section. Justin Blank placed second with 2 wins and 2 losses. Section C was won by Tom Roncoli, finishing the day with a 3 and 1 tally, and second place was shared by 4 players each winning 2 games: Stephen Gilbert, Andrew Thieman, Harrison Pedigo and Bob Bacon.

The only perfect record of the day was attained by Justin Su in Section D, handily winning all 4 of his games. Second place in Section D was awarded to Russel Herman with a 3-1 performance.

-report and photos provided by Bob Bacon


Registration open for the 2021 New York Youth Open

Thursday July 15, 2021

The annual New York Youth Open (NYYO) will take place on Saturday, August 7, 2021 in the KGS AGA Tournament Room. The NYYO is a one-day, 4-round open Go tournament for all players under the age of 18. The tournament will begin with a short opening ceremony online at 11:30 – 11:45 AM EDT on Saturday, August 7, 2021. There is no rank requirement to enter. 

The top three players in each division (based on rank) will receive certificates and trophies. For registration, schedule, and rules, tournament video requirements, please visit the website. Registration will close on August 4, 2021. Interested players can also join other young fighters preparing for the tournament at the NYIG summer Go camp.

-report by Stephanie Yin


Applications Open for South Central On-Line Leagues Season 2

Sunday July 4, 2021

Registration is open for the second season of The South Central On-Line Leagues, a system of six-player leagues in a round robin competition played on KGS and OGS. There will be one game every two weeks, with six players in each league. In the first season, 90 players enrolled in 15 leagues. Recruitment is underway for Season 2, scheduled to begin early August. Organizers are looking to fill 42 open slots, with 43 players returning from Season 1. The basic rules can be found here, and the application form to participate is can be found here.

-report by Bob Gilman


Last Week to Register for the NYGHS Summer Open

Tuesday June 15, 2021

The New York Go Honor Society has recently launched the NYGHS Summer Open are pleased to invite all to participate. The Open is an online tournament which will take place on June 27th and July 3rd, with cash prizes of up to $100.

The format of the tournament is unique as it is a Swiss and bracket style tournament hybrid. On June 27th, participants will be split into divisions of around 16 people and will play 4 rounds of a Swiss style tournament. On the second day, July 3rd, the top eight players in each division will be put into their own single elimination bracket tournament and compete to be the winner of their division. Players who get eliminated from the main bracket, as well as those who did not qualify, will have the chance to participate in a consolation bracket which will play for third place. 

The NYGHS team is excited to organize this bracket style hybrid tournament and bring this rare experience to participants at all levels of play. If you have any questions about the tournament or how it will be run, please feel welcome to reach out to us at The registration deadline is midnight on June 22nd; entry is $15. If you would like to register or read more about the event you can find the tournament details here.


Registration opens for the NYGHS Summer Open

Monday May 24, 2021

A year after the launch of the NY Go league, the New York Go Honor Society has announced their first official tournament. The NYGHS Summer Open will take place over two days – June 27th and July 3rd – and feature a traditional bracket style tournament on the second day. On the first day players will be split into divisions of 16 people and will play four Swiss-style rounds to qualify for a finals bracket in their division. Registration for the tournament is $15. Click here for more information about the tournament, and reach out to with any questions. 

-report by Tora Ozawa