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Pandanet AGA City League Finals and Winners

Thursday August 18, 2022

This year marks the 10th season of the Pandanet AGA City League. Through the years we have seen the best players in the country and many upcoming strong players. This year was so tough that there is a need for a second set of finals! Thats right, we’re having two sets of finals. These games will be broadcast on Pandanet over the next two weekends.

The A League will see four time winner New York City face off against Chicago. Chicago, new to the A League this season, has faced down almost every team and come out victorius. During the fifth round they faced off against New York City and came out ahead 2-1. Watch their playoff on Sunday August 28th at 3pm EST/12 PST.
Board 1: Tim Song 1p (B) vs Ryan Li 3p (W)
Board 2: Calvin Sun 1p vs Stephanie Yin 1p
Board 3: Albert Yen 8d vs Michael Chen 8d

The most competitive league has been the B League over the last few years. This has been expanded to a larger number of teams over the years to accomodate the number of strong players. This year see’s newcomer Ithaca face off against Canwa Vancouver 2. Vancouver 2 has bounced between the A and B leagues over time. Both teams never faced each other during the season. Ending with the same number of points a playoff had to take place. This will be a tough fight to see who the new challenger to the A League will be next season. These teams will face off Sunday August 21st at 7pm EST/4pm PST.
Board 1: Alan Huang 7d (B) vs Leo Tian 6d (W)
Board 2: Hongkui Zheng 7d vs Nick Jin 5d
Board 3: Aaron Ye 7d vs Kevin Wang 5d

Our other leagues and winners have played really exciting games this season. If you have not checked your cities record see how they did at the Pandanet site. Congratulations to all who played this season!

A League:
Third: Canwa Vancouver 1
Fourth: Toronto
Fifth: Los Angeles

B League:
Third: Raleigh
Fourth: Denver
Fourth: New Jersey

C League:
Winner: Washington DC 2
Second: Atlanta 1
Third: Los Angeles 4

D League:
Winner: New York City 4
Second: Los Angeles 2


Pandanet AGA City League continues this weekend

Monday March 14, 2022

Sunday March 20th starts the fourth round of the Pandanet AGA City League. At this midway point some leaders starting to emerge among the leagues. Perennial favorites New York City and Canwa Vancouver 1 are leading the A League. Newer teams, Ithaca and Denver, are in a tight race with Canwa Vancouver 2 for the B League. North Corvallis and Atlanta 1 are chasing Washington DC 2 in the C League. Returning LA 2 and NY City 4 top the D League. All of these teams face tough competition in the coming rounds. Who will lead their league after this round? Think they will stay the same? Watch LIVE this Sunday at 3pm EST/12pm PST.

4th Round matchups: A LeagueB LeagueC LeagueD League


Pandanet AGA City League Begins Sunday

Monday January 3, 2022

Andy Liu, Stephanie Yin, and Ryan Li receive the A League trophy from TD Steve Colburn, Williamsburg 2018

Are you ready to watch the biggest go league in the US? Watch LIVE on Sunday January 9th for the first round of the Pandanet AGA City League! Entering the 10th year there are 36 teams among four leagues. The best players in North America will vie to win for their city and bragging rights for the next year. Join the “AGA City League” and “AGA City League Manual” rooms on Pandanet to watch.


Two weeks left to register for the Pandanet AGA City League

Monday December 13, 2021

Watching the finals at the 2013 Pandanet City League Finals

The final weeks are upon you to register your team for this year’s Pandanet AGA City League. This year’s players look to be stronger than previous years. Play against the most ambitious players in the continent for bragging rights for your area. Are your local players as strong as those from New York City, Boston, Seattle, or North Corvallis? Check out the updated rules and register for this years event. Teams will be contacted this week with updates. Registration closes December 23rd. Register soon!


Join the 10th Season of the Pandanet AGA City League

Monday November 29, 2021

Pandanet AGA City League Finals @ 2014 US Go Congress in New York City

Join more than 65 player across 18 teams for this year’s League. The top players across the US and Canada will compete for $14,000 in prizes and glory throughout 2022. Represent your city and show your might as you battle each team’s squad. Read through the rules on the Pandanet site to sign up! Contact the TD for any questions. Note: Webcams will be required to participate in the games.


Pandanet AGA City League Registration Opens!

Tuesday November 2, 2021

Welcome to the opening of the 10th season of the Pandanet AGA City League. We are looking again for the most competitive cities and players to compete in this long running tournament. Join the more than 30 teams looking to be the best around. Read through the rules on the Pandanet League site to learn of the new qualifications. The new registration system will help walk you through signing up and accept new rules and policies. If there are any questions contact the TD for more information.


AGA City League Finals and League Winners

Tuesday July 13, 2021

Congratulations to all of the players for this year’s Pandanet AGA City League. Each of these teams fought hard in their games to win their leagues. The top two leagues are very tough with the strongest players in the US and Canada. The other two leagues are no slouches either. All of those players battled their many opponents to find out the strongest team across many cities.

The AGA City League Finals will take place on July 23rd at 8pm EST/5pm PST on Pandanet in the AGA City League room. These games will be played between New York City, the reigning champs, and Canwa Vancouver 1. Based on their last matchup this will be an exciting series of games. They will be reviewed starting at 9pm on the AGA Twitch channel with Michael Redmond 9p and Chris Garlock. Make sure to tune in to watch these games and reviews!

Congratulate your cities teams on their winning performances this year:

A League
1/2 – Watch on July 23rd!
3 – Greater Washington
4 – Toronto
5 – Chicago

B League
1 – Boston
2 – Seattle 1
3 – Los Angeles
4 – Chicago 2

C League
1 – Seattle 2
2 – Canwa Vancouver 3
3 – Washington DC 2

D League
1 – North Corvalis
2 – New Mexico
3 – New York City 4


Sundays are for watching Go

Wednesday January 27, 2021

Pandanet AGA City League Round 3 is this weekend! Sunday January 31st at 3pm EST/12pm PST starts a ton of great go this weekend. Load up Pandanet, head over to the AGA City League and AGA City League (Manual) rooms and grab your snacks. Settle in, find your regional team, and root on your City to win.

A LeagueB LeagueC LeagueD League


Pandanet AGA City League Round 2 this weekend

Monday January 4, 2021

The Pandanet AGA City League is getting into swing with the second round coming up this weekend. Sunday January 10th most games will be held in the AGA City League and AGA City League Manual Rooms. Watch LIVE Sunday at 3PM for most games to start. The full schedules for games can be found on each of the League pages.

A LeagueB LeagueC LeagueD League


Pandanet AGA City League Returns Dec 6

Monday November 30, 2020

With the return of other sporting leagues so does the Pandanet AGA City League. Sunday December 6th starts the first round of this long running tournament. Watch some of your favorite and local teams battle their opponents from across the US and Canada. If you’re new to the tournament; our A League has a spattering of professionals and top players from across the continent. The B League is super sized this year with many strong teams, avg 6d+ ratings. They’re all going to be fighting hard for that A league promotion. The C league is a 5d-1d selection of teams which will be home to many interesting games. The D League is our handicap league with many strong kyu players. Don’t discount any leagues, there are strong players abound!

The first game was already played Sunday night between Canwa Vancouver 2 vs Greater Washington. Nick Jin and Yuan Zhou put on an exciting first match. They’ll have another match Saturday night 9pm EST/6pm PST. For the rest of the leagues, most will play LIVE Sunday at 3pm EST/12pm PST.

A LeagueB LeagueC LeagueD League