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Gao Jiaxin wins 22nd Orsay Tournament

Sunday February 11, 2018

Traditionally Orsay is the first (in all senses of the word) tournament of the new year in France. It allows players to meet up 2018.02.11_orsay_2018_01again and to break their New Year’s resolutions – I’m going to make 5 dan by Wednesday. As usual it took place in Bouvêche, a unique building in the grounds of the Orsay castle. 59 players took part, 18 of whom were dan level, most where from locals Île de France, but others came from Brittany, Rhone Alpes, Alsace, and elsewhere. As befitting France, the food available was also an important element, and special mention must also be made for Anne-Claire who prepared around 15 Galette des Rois (a traditional cake) for the players to enjoy. Inseong Hwang (8-dan) was on hand to give commentaries to the tournament participants.

2018.02.11_orsay_2018_05At the top of the table, the big winner with five victories, there was Gao Jiaxin (7-dan), who had helped many of the young players at the local Orsay club progress. In second place with 4 victories was Benjamin Blanchard (4-dan). After this several players trailed in with 3 victories apiece.

Other notable performances: Guillaume Ougier (1-kyu) with 4 victories and a loss to his sister (we expect a good atmosphere at their house) ; Li Liyun (13-kyu) 5 victories ; Robin Rouillon (17-kyu) 4 victories. Remember their names for the future.

– Ian Davis, based on original article by Benjamin Hellouin
 photos: Anne-Claire and Julien preparing the food; Ariane Ougier – Jiaxin Gao; photos by Ralf Wurzinger


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BGA president Roger Huyshe dies

Thursday November 16, 2017

Roger Huyshe, President of the British Go Association, died unexpectedly on November 13. “Apparently he was out on a bike ride in Derbyshire2017.11.15_Roger Huyshe when he collapsed,” reports Toby Manning. “We do not think it was a traffic accident – and although the air ambulance was called, they could not save him.” Information about funeral arrangements will be posted on the BGA website when available.

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Berlin’s “Go to Innovation” tourney celebrates 20 years with bigger prize pot (and free beer)

Monday November 13, 2017

Perhaps the only go tournament in the world offering free beer, the 20th “Go to Innovation” tournament will be held November 17-19 in Berlin,2017.11.11_go-to-innovation Germany. The 8-round tournament starts Friday with four rounds on Saturday and the final two on Sunday. The free draft beer is not available until noon on Saturday. The top 10 winners will split a prize pool of 4,650€. In addition to the main prizes for the players, there’s a 500€ Omikron Data Quality GmbH prize for the best player, 250€ for the runner-up and 125€ for 3rd-best plus a Jackpot of 500€ for 8 wins. Click here for registration details. Good accommodations near the venue at reasonable prices can be found here or here.

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Seong-jin Kim dominates EGCC Anniversary Tournament

Saturday November 11, 2017

Seong-Jin Kim 8d won the EGCC 25th Anniversary Tournament, held October 21-22 at the European Go Cultural Centre (EGCC) in2017.11.11_Seong-jin Kim 8d Simul Amstelveen, the Netherlands. The tournament was the centerpiece of the Center’s 25th anniversary celebrations, which included a series of events held October 20-22, from a European Go Teachers’ Day to simuls and an evening reception.

The festivities began on Friday morning, October 20, with a full day of seminars, discussion, presentations and brainstorming by eighteen go teachers from seven different countries. Rob van Zeijst and Kalli Balduin organized the session, which featured topics like the professionalization of Western go education, the mindset of the teacher and his students, the do’s and don’ts of go teaching, obstacles for go teachers and how to overcome them, and the everlasting question “how to best promote our 2017.11.11_Cleaning EGCCs Go Equipmentsport?”

A reception Friday night was highlighted by distinguished guests, including Hiroshi Yamashiro, vice-president of the Nihon Ki-in, Setsuko Kawahara, minister of the Embassy of Japan in the Netherlands, Maaike van Veeningen, alderman of the city of Amstelveen, Kenji Saito, chairman of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce (JCC) in the Netherlands, Martin Stiassny, president of the European Go Federation and Han Ellenbroek, president of the Dutch Go Association.

The EGCC Anniversary Go Tournament ran Saturday and Sunday, October 21-22, and was preceded by the work of three fanatics who cleaned all the EGCC’s go equipment, a long overdue task. Michał Łukasiewicz, Justyna Klęczar and Kim Ouweleen took several days to clean the Center’s 54 kaya and katsura go boards, as well as thousands of slate and shell go stones (left) and their bowls. On Saturday evening, after an Indonesian style dinner, participants had their choice of several fun side events, including simuls with Artem Kachanovskyi 1p, Cătălin Țăranu 5p, Seong-jin Kim 8d (top right) and Stanisław Frejlak 6d.
– adapted from a report by Kim Ouweleen. Click here for complete tournament results. photos by Judith van Dam (EuroGoTV); report edited by Chris Garlock

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European Go Center to celebrate 25th anniversary

Tuesday September 26, 2017

The European Go Cultural Center (EGCC) in Amstelveen will hosting a special EGCC Anniversary Go Tournament October 21-22 to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Founded in 1992, the EGCC was made possible by the financial support of Iwamoto Kaoru 9p, the Nihon Ki-in, and the 2017.09.26_egc-annivJapanese community in the Netherlands, and is still going strong 25 years later.
The tournament is a Level C tournament in the European Grand Prix, which means that winners will be eligible to earn Grand Prix points to increase their chances of nomination for international go events in Asia.
The 5-round McMahon tournament will span two days, from October 21st through the 22ndSaturday evening will feature special guests from the Nihon Ki-in, the European Go Federation, and the Dutch Go Association, followed by an Indonesian-style dinner provided by the EGCC, free of charge. Registration is €25, which includes dinner on Saturday, along with the chance to win up to €750 in prize money.
Click here for more information about the tournament and registration.
– Brian Kirby
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2016 European Go Yearbook released

Wednesday September 13, 2017

Weighing in at a whopping 576 pages, the 2016 European Go Yearbook has recently been released. The first such Yearbook covers the biggest 2017.09.13_egc-yearbook2016-2and most important go happenings of 2016 in Europe, including: Interviews with newly promoted professionals Artem Kachanovskyi 1p and Antti Törmänen 1p; An extensive catalogue of all the National Championships in Europe, including reports on Main Championships, Women’s Championships and Youth Championships, accompanied by personal interviews with the champions; Reports and photos of major European tournaments and events, such as the 60th Polymetal European Go Congress, the 2nd European Go Grand Slam and the 3rd European Professional Qualification.

The Yearbook also features an in-depth chapter of 80 pages on AlphaGo and the Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Go, with game commentaries by Fan Hui 2p, Gu Li 9p, Zhou Ruiyang 9p and Myungwan Kim 9p. It also includes many game records and commentaries by top European players.

The European Go Yearbook 2016 was compiled and written by Kim Ouweleen 4 dan (right), also known as Murugandi. For a preview of the book, check out these three teasers: 2016 European Professional Qualification TournamentInterview with Antti Törmänen 1pNational Championships: Russia. Complete details on how to order are here.
– Chialing Chan


“Invisible” available online; Yuan Zhou’s “AlphaGo vs. Ke Jie 9P”; Go World/AGJ issues available; Dino Pair Go

Sunday August 27, 2017

“Invisible” available online: “Invisible: The Games of AlphaGo” is now available online. ‘It’s a fascinating account,” says John Power, author of “Invincible: The Games of Shūsaku.” “I strongly recommend Invisible to any go player interested in the present and the future 2017.08.27_alphago-vs-ke-jieof go.”

Yuan Zhou’s “AlphaGo vs. Ke Jie 9P”: Also just out is Yuan Zhou’s “AlphaGo vs. Ke Jie 9P” from Slate & Shell and available through Amazon. Despite losing all three games,2017.08.27_pair-go-dinos Ke Jie did better than any one else had, and Yuan Zhou gives a thorough and insightful analysis of the match and reflects on the significance of AlphaGo for the go community.

Go World/AGJ issues available: You recently published a letter about the donation of go books to libraries (which I have already done) but I have heard nothing about libraries housing go magazines,” writes Joel Sanet. “I have a complete set of Go Worlds and the print version of the American Go Journal (there might be one issue missing) that I am willing to donate for the cost of reimbursement of  shipping which I estimate to be in the range of $40 each. Any library that is interested can contact me at BTW I have not see the NY Times crossword puzzle reported by Roy Schmidt but I suspect the answer to the clue “Travel edition of a classic board game?” is “on the go go.”

photo: a particularly intimidating couple at the Pair Go Tournament at the recent U.S. Go Congress; photo by Eric Wainwright 


Updates from Europe and Australia: EGF launches newsletter; What do Australian go players want?

Sunday July 30, 2017

EGF launches newsletter: The European Go Federation has launched a free twice-monthly newsletter that will include news from the European Championship, Go Congress and side events, EGF updates, announcements about big tournaments from all over the world, as well as international go news.

What do Australian go players want? If you’re a go player Down Under, the Australian Go Association wants to know what you want out of Australian club and tournament go. Click here to take their survey and let them know.

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Lego go set idea seeks support

Saturday July 1, 2017

While several different Lego chess sets have been created and marketed in recent years, David Fazekas thinks the Danish plastic brick company 2017.06.30_lego-go-setis missing a big opportunity. “After Deep Blue defeated Kasparov in 1997 Lego had made several official Lego chess sets,” says Fazekas, promotion executive for the PaGoda Go Association in Hungary. “Now that Deep Mind’s AlphaGo has defeated both Lee Sedol and Ke Jie it’s time for Lego to acknowledge go players with a Lego Go set!” Fazekas has developed a Lego go set prototype and submitted it on the Lego Ideas site, where he needs to gather 10,000 supporters to advance to the next step in the approval process. Thus far he has 754 supporters. “A go Lego set would reach kids in every country,” says Fazekas, “please take a moment to click to show your support for this project.” The word “lego” is derived from the Danish words “leg godt”, meaning “play well”.


Artem Kachanovskyi wins Grand Slam in Berlin

Wednesday May 17, 2017

A Grand Slam tournament is the top level tournament in the European Go Federation’s Grand Prix, and the only level for which special pre-qualification conditions exist. The first such of 2017 took place in Berlin, starting on the 28th of April, and running for 4 days, the event saw 12 of the strongest European players battle it out for a 10,000 euro prize. The winner of the event was Artem Kachanovskyi (1p) who comes from Ukraine, he beat the Russian player Alexander Dinerchtein (3p) in the final by a margin of 5.5 points. Amusingly, before the event Alexander stated that Artem was the only opponent he felt he would be unable to defeat. Slovakia’s Pavol Lisy (1p) won the play-off for third place, defeating Ilya Shikshin (1p). You can see the full results here.

At the same time, a team tournament was running – the China Cup Berlin. This event was won by deceptively titled “Losers without Borders” (Dominik Boviz (6d), Thomas Debarre (6d), Nikola Mitic (6d)), a team made up of players who were knocked out of the Grand Slam on day 1. They finished ahead of second place “Team Berlin” (Johannes Obenaus(6d), Kim Seongjin(8d), Xu Yin(6d), Zhang Yi(5d)), and third place “The Dudes” (Cristian Pop(7d), Catalin Taranu(5p), Cornel Burzo(6d)). Full reports of both events are available here and here. There will be a second Grand Slam event in Warsaw this year.

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