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Yang v. Qi in decisive Game 3 Thursday morning for next NAGF Pro

Wednesday June 29, 2022

Yang (left) and Qi; photo by I-Han Lui

The next NAGF professional will be decided at Thursday morning’s final between Kevin Yang and Alex Qi, who split games on Wednesday. Yang — the top player in Group A — prevailed in their head-to-head match Wednesday morning, but Qi — the top player in Group B — bounced back to take Game Two on Wednesday afternoon, setting up the exciting finale on Thursday.

Eric Yoder and Remi Campagnie, who had both placed second in their groups and lost their semifinal placement games, mirrored the top-board battle, with Yoder taking the Wednesday morning game and Campagnie returning the favor that afternoon. The winner of their next match on Thursday morning will play the loser in Group A, and the winner of that final best of three showdown will become the second North American professional.

Campagnie (left) vs Yoder; photo by I-Han Lui

Complete standings here, and follow the NAGF Pro Qualifier’s live streaming coverage at 9:30am ET and 2:30pm ET, click here for live pairings and game files. Click here for photos, follow on Twitter, tournament details and player profiles here.


Kevin Yang & Alexander Qi lead in NAGF Pro Qualifier

Tuesday June 28, 2022

With a 4-0 record, Kevin Yang leads Group A in the NAGF Pro Qualifier taking place at the National Go Center in Washington, DC, while Alexander Qi is 3-0 in Group B. Complete standings here, and follow the NAGF Pro Qualifier’s live streaming coverage daily at 9:30am ET and 2:30pm ET, click here for live pairings and game files. Click here for photos, follow on Twitter, tournament details and player profiles here.


NAGF pro qualies kick off in NGC; early round results

Monday June 27, 2022

The 2022 North American Go Federation pro qualifiers kicked off today. Players are split into two groups, and from each group two will make it to a playoff round. Eleven players are competing, after one late withdrawal. After two preliminary rounds, Kevin Yang and Eric Lee are 2-0 in Group A, while Edward Zhang, Remi Coulon and Alexander Qi are 1-0 in Group B.
Click here for informal standings (stay tuned for a formal version with SGF links) and here for photos. Tournament details and player profiles here.


Gotham takes go to the city streets

Saturday June 25, 2022

The Gotham Go Group had a go teaching event at Harlem with Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE) and Marcus Meets Malcom earlier this month. Our group, invited by AAFE, taught half a dozen students, and Peter Armenia got some mini go boards to give away to interested students. We had different go players who came to support us, including Collin Baker, Peter Armenia (organizer of the Gotham Go Club), Joy Messer, Andrew McGowan, Dorothy, and Paul for coming to help out with the event.
-Howard Wong, who served as the main organizer for the event.


NYGHS Summer Open set for July 2 & 9

Saturday June 25, 2022

The New York Go Honor Society is having their annual Summer Open on July 2 and July 9. Players of any rank can join this 4 round Swiss style tournament. There will be a registration fee of $12 which will go towards tournament prizes. Registration will stay open until June 30th. To register, please use this link. Any other information on the rules and regulations can be found here.


NAGF Pro Qualification Tournament: Player Profiles

Thursday June 23, 2022

The 2022 Pro Qualification Tournament, organized by the North American Go Federation (NAGF) will be held next week, from June 26 to July 1 at the National Go Center in Washington, DC (read more here).
Here are profiles of some of the players.

photos: top row (l-r): Alexander Qi, Qiyou Wu, Kevin Yang; bottom row: Eric Yoder, Edward Zhang, Yuan Zhou.

Alexander Qi
Alex is 14 years old and lives in New Jersey.  He started playing go six years ago.  His teachers include Feng Yun, Zhongfan Jian, and Ryan Li.  Some of his recent accomplishments include first place in the 2022 Stone Brook Sakura Matsuri Go Tournament, and second place in the 2021 Canadian Open in 2021. Representing the US he took second place in the 2021 CCTV World Youth Amateur Online Go Tournament (13 and under group). He also represented the US in the 36th World Youth Goe Championship Junior Division in 2019.

Qiyou Wu

I first started playing go at the age of 7 back in China, achieving the rank of 5D at the age of 10, when I came to Canada. I took a detour into chess before realizing that go is my true passion. The evolution of AI in the game was fascinating, as I now find joy in watching Ai games and studying with it. The thing I love the most about go is the endless possibilities for remarkable moves. I hope to play some good games this tournament and learn from the best amateurs in North America.

Kevin Yang
I was born in Rhode Island in the United States and now live in Los Angeles, California. I am 15 years old. I began to learn Go at the age of 9 and developed a strong interest in it. I have studied with Yilun Yang 7P and Han Han 5P. I like playing basketball and piano. I have two younger brothers and one sister. They all like to play go.

Eric Yoder

I learned about go from a friend in 2009, and played a few games online before giving up.  Then, in 2011 I read the manga Hikaru no Go, and this time something clicked, as I climbed up the ranks.  With not many people nearby who played go, I learned and played almost entirely online, before going to my first tournament in 2016, the Go Congress that year. I’ve gone to congress most years since, and enjoyed making new friends and getting better and better at go over the years.

Edward Zhang

Edward Zhang learned go in 1986. Major past titles include the US Pair Go Championship, NOVA Cherry Blossom, Virginia State Champion, Minnesota Open, Carolina Spring Tournament and the Maryland Open. Edward has served the AGA as tournament director, National Tournament Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator and Board Director. He lives in Fairfax Virginia and is the father of two children. He was educated at Peking University, University of Minnesota. Recent records: 2021 Canadian Open: 4W-2L; 2022 Midwest Open: 3-1; 2022 Pandanet-AGA City League: 7-0. Instructors include Yoonyoung Kim 8P (金仑映),Niu Yutian 7P(牛雨田) and Cao Hengting 5P (曹恒珽).

Yuan Zhou

Yuan Zhou (AGA 7 dan) joined AGA in 1989.  Zhou was the president of the University of Maryland Go club, winning 34 go tournaments in the US.  Zhou was also elected to the AGA board of directors in 2005.  He’s represented the US in international tournaments many times (WAGC, Korea Prime Minister Cup, World Pair Go Championship, etc).  In addition to his competitive successes, Zhou is a popular go teacher and lecturer, frequently giving lectures and teaching lessons at various Go clubs in the US. He has also published many books and lives in Maryland.

Other players: Rémi Campagnie; Eric Lee; Val Lewis; Nate Morse; Tyler Oyakawa.


NAGF Pro Qualification Tournament begins this Sunday

Wednesday June 22, 2022

The 2022 Pro Qualification Tournament, organized by the North American Go Federation (NAGF) will be held next week, from June 26 to July 1 at the National Go Center in Washington, DC.

The top two players from this tournament will be certified by the NAGF as professional 1 dan. Also, the NAGF offers prize money of $2,000 USD for the winner and $1,000 USD for second-place player.

The preliminary round is a round-robin competition in two divisions, where the top two players from each division advance to the semi-final round. The first semi-final round is a single match. The first final round, the losers bracket, and the second final round are best-of-three matches.

Selected games of the pro qualification tournament will be live-broadcast on KGS without commentary. Area go players interested in being on the EJ’s recording team can sign up here.

The list of players and the tournament rules are posted here.


New York Go League forming

Tuesday June 21, 2022

Howard Wong is starting a NY Go League, open to all players with stable go ranks in the AGA, CGA, EGF, or an online rank at a credible server. The league will be a round robin tournament, spanning two months, and is set to begin on June 25th with a registration deadline of June 22nd; register here.

All online games can be played in either OGS or KGS, on 19×19 boards with AGA rules (7.5 komi) with color being chosen randomly by the server. All games must also be played with time control settings of 20 minutes main time and 5 periods of 30 second byo-yomi. All matches will have zero handicaps. Player color will be decided by the computer. 

Games may also be played in person if both players agree, a timer  must be used and the game must be recorded.


Yuelun Yang 4D wins SFGC’s Shinji Dote tourney

Tuesday June 21, 2022

The San Francisco Go Club hosted a three-round go tournament on Saturday June 18, in remembrance of the late Shinji Dote, who played an integral role in the longtime success of go in the San Francisco Bay area. Thirty players competed for honors with division winners taking home cash prizes.

In Division 1, first place went to Yuelun Yang 4D, with Christopher Kim 5D and James Lou 4D coming in second and third, respectively. Division 2 was won by Isaiah Bird 2D and in second place was Qilu Chen 2D and third place went to Jonathan Ketner 1D. Then, for Division 3 Benjamin Lo 8K came in first place with Andrew Shi 11K in second and Brianna Forster 16K in third. 

The San Francisco Go Club will be hosting its next tournament on Saturday July 23rd (register here). 

Matthew Barcus, SFGC Vice President


Burning Board Go Festival blazes with passion for the game

Tuesday June 21, 2022

report by Bob Bacon*

The Burning Board Go Festival was held June 13-19 at Umstead State Park in Raleigh, North Carolina. The event featured a 6-round tournament from June 16-18, as well as numerous instructive workshops, simultaneous games and lectures by Ying Shen 2P and Yuan Zhou. The 50 attendees had the option to stay onsite in primitive cabins or commute, and about half braved the elements. While participants faced two days with unusually high temperatures for June, the sweltering heat was mitigated by the majestic canopy of sheltering trees and the cooling waters of an adjacent lake open for swimming. Attendees came not only from the surrounding cities but also from as far away as the Canary Islands, Texas, Michigan, Virginia, Massachusetts, New York and several from the Baduk House teaching residency program in Ohio. The festival finished with a splendid outdoor picnic and the burning of a ceremonial go board created for the occasion by Tom Bitonti. The Triangle Go Group hopes to make the festival an annual event.

The tournament was smoothly and professionally directed by Devin Fraze, and all rounds began very close to the designated times. We had 39 players, almost all of them playing all 6 rounds. The winner of the Open Section was Chen Yuan, who was on fire, winning all six of his games for the only perfect record of the tournament. Second place went to Derek Zhou, burning brightly as well. Third place in this highly competitive section was awarded to Micah Feldman.

Section A was captured by fiery Daniel Lambert, followed by Boris Bernadsky in second and Xiaoping Wu in third.

Section B witnessed another blazing performance by Javier Gonzalex winning 5 of his games and rising like smoke to the top of this pack. Peter Armenia secured second place, with Bart Jacob winning third.

Section C was somehow won by Bob Bacon although an investigation into this outcome will likely begin soon. Second place was seized by red-hot Ursa Woodring, and Matthew Gregoire battled his way to third.

Russell Herman’s games were smoking hot in Section D and he won first place, followed closely by smoldering Mei Cai in second and Paul Mendola in third.

We also recognized David Shao, the youngest player attending, with a trophy, as well as the participant winning the most self-paired rated games, Micah Feldman.

Lunch was provided by the hosts Triangle Go Group during the tournament, as well as trophies and $800 in prize money.

Thank you to all the wonderful enthusiastic go players and non-players who made this event a success! Photos will be published on the Triangle Go Club Facebook page and website in the near future.

*who is solely responsible for any flame-related puns contained herein, except for the headline, which was inspired by Bob’s heated prose.