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Life and death on Halloween in Seattle

Sunday November 12, 2017

The Seattle Go Center had eight competitors, all kyu players, in the Contest of Life and Death on Halloween. Halloween Lucy and Nick watchFrank Lam did a great job of curating problems from the Nihon Ki-in that were challenging to our kyu players, and that had a single correct first move. Kyle Burg assisted ably. Lucy Wang won the competition, with 5 out 8 problems solved on the first try.  The prize was a quart of premium ice cream, which Lucy shared.  There was also pumpkin pie.
photo: Lucy Wang and Nick Wilmes watch Zhi Wei Chen try the second set of problems.
- photo/report by Brian Allen


Boston Winter Open set for December 2

Sunday November 12, 2017

The Boston Winter Open is set for Saturday, December 2 at MIT in Cambridge, MA. The four-round tournament — hosted by MIT, organized by2017.11.11_boston-spring-2017 Cam Wagner and the MIT Go club, the MGA, and The Gojo — is open to up to 80 players, with two divisions, Open and Handicap. Entrants must be AGA 1d+ to play in the Open Division and may opt in on the day of the tournament. Even games with cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Anyone can play in the Handicap Division. Games will be handicap – 2 with prizes for 4-0 and 3-1 records. Click here for details and to RSVP.

photo: at the 2017 Boston Spring Open


In Memoriam: John Goon

Wednesday November 8, 2017

John Goon, a longtime go organizer and tireless promoter of the game, died recently. A memorial will be held on Saturday, November 18, from 2:30 to 5 at a familiar location: Rockville United Church, 355 Linthicum Drive, Rockville, home of2017.11.08_John-Goon-DC-SakuraMatsuri-2014.04 the Friday night gatherings of the Rockville Go & Chess (and lots of other things) Group. In lieu of flowers, the family welcomes donations in John’s name to WETA-TV and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. “John was one of my first go friends when I started to play go about 35 years ago,” says Haskell Small. “I have fond memories of playing go with John into the wee hours at the Greater Washington Go Club . He worked tirelessly promoting go in our area.”

photo: John Goon (in hat) teaching at the 2014 DC Sakura Matsuri festival

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Everyone’s a winner at Syracuse Fall Self-Pair

Tuesday November 7, 2017

Eighteen players, ranging in strength from 8 dan to 20 kyu, participated in Syracuse Go Club’s Fall Self-Pair Tournament this past Saturday,2017.11.07 Syracuse1 2017.11.07 Syracuse2November 4. “Every player left as a winner at the end of the day,” says organizer Richard Moseson, “getting to select a new go book from Slate and Shell to take home.” The date for Syracuse Go Club’s annual four-round Salt City Tournament has already been set for Saturday, March 24.

photos by Richard Moseson: (r) Joe Fratianni 11k ponders his move; (l) Wayne Nelson 1k, right, and Allen Noe 1k decide on their new take-home books.
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Suh Won Suk 6D tops NGC’s Pumpkin Classic

Friday November 3, 2017

The National Go Center held its Pumpkin Classic Tournament on Saturday, 28 October. Forty players participated, including longtime teacher2017.11.03_NGCPump17Yuan Zhou’s son, Derek, in his first tournament.

The winners were:

First Place: Suh Won Suk, 6D, 3-1; Ryan Hunter, 2D, 3-1; Jiayang Su, 2K, 3-1; Joon Lee, 7K, 4-0; Hyungwook Lee, 8K, 4-0; Julian Turim, 16K, 4-0; and John Christensen, 20K, 4-0.
Second Place: Josh Lee, 6D, 3-1; Nate Eagle, 1D, 3-1; Diego Pierrottet, 4K, 3-1; James Funk, 5K, 3-1; Gary Smith, 9K and Javier Innerarity, 10K, Tied at 2-2; Raymond Luo, 12K, 3-1; and Jac de la Beaujardiere, 17K and Antonina Perez-Lopez, 19K, Tied at 2-2.
- report/photo by Allan Abramson
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Undeterred by hurricanes, Space Coast Go Tournament continues

Monday October 30, 2017

The 2017 Space Coast Go Tournament was held on October 14 in the Community Resource Center in Rockledge, Florida. Rockledge is on the2017.10.29 Space Coast collage mainland near the Kennedy Space Center and Cocoa Beach.  Last year Hurricane Matthew delayed the games; this year Hurricane Irma blew through earlier.  Rockledge suffered a large amount of mostly minor damage.

The three round tournament drew 16 players including folks from Orlando, Sarasota, Port Orange, and the Palm Beaches.  A wide range of ranks split nicely into three groups: Dans, 1 to 8 kyu, and 8 to 28 kyu.

Top honors went to Jonathan Fisher, 4D, who won all three of his games.  Aaron Otero was the winner of the upper kyu division, also with three wins.  Joel Kickbusch, 10k, won two out of three to finish first in the lower kyu division.  He also won the raffle for a new Go set generously donated by Yellow Mountain Imports along with other prizes.  The first three players in each division chose books from Slate and Shell as their prizes.  Bart Lipofsky was the tournament director.
- report/photos by Bart Lipofsky

Dan division: Jonathan Fisher, 4D (3-0), Chris Sagner, 3D (1,2), Karsten Henckell, 4D (1,2)
Upper kyu: Aaron Otero, 7k (3,0), Lanny Searcy,3k (2,1), Efrain Davila 2k (2,1)
Lower kyu: Joel Kickbush, 10k (2,1), Peyton Duncan, 28k (2,1), Yuliang Huang, 15k (2,1)

photos (clockwise, starting in upper left):
Karsten Henckell 4D (L) vs Jonathan Fisher 4D (R), Dan Micsa, 4D looks on from the side
Winners: (left to right) Jonathan Fisher, Aaron Otero, Joel Kickbusch, Peyton Duncan, Efrain Davila, Yuliang Huang, Chris Sagner
Joel Kickbusch 10k with Yellow Mountain Go set
Eddie Crawford 27k (L) vs Peyton Duncan 28k (R)

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“Surrounding Game” announces student discount

Monday October 30, 2017

Starting this month, students and university clubs are now eligible for a major student discount on screening packs of “The Surrounding Game2017.10.29_SurroundingGame screening pack documentary.

“We want to make it easy and affordable for campus groups to host screenings” says director Will Lockhart. “I think young people will enjoy the film more than anyone, and screening the film is an excellent way to interest new students in Go and Go clubs.” The screening pack includes several copies of the film, posters and flyers, and a custom 9×9 set, “perfect for teaching newcomers after the show,” notes Lockhart.

If you’d like to organize a screening of the film on your campus, check out the screening pack here, or contact the team for more information.


Young Lions Registration Open

Thursday October 26, 2017

DSC00509Registration for the annual Young Lions Tournament is now open through November 26th. This American Go Honor Society organized tournament welcomes youth players under the age of 18 (who have not yet graduated high school) to compete in an online tournament. The tournament will be held on December 3rd and December 10th in the AGHS Tournament Room on KGS. There will be four rounds in total, two on each day, but players are not required to play all four rounds. Additionally, prizes will be given to winners of each division. To view the rules, click here; and to register, click here. -Gabriella Su, AGHS Promotion Head. Photo by Paul Barchilon


Mark Lee wins 3rd Cotsen title

Sunday October 22, 2017

Sweeping all five games, Mark Lee (left, with Eric Cotsen) won his third consecutive Cotsen Open title October 22 at the Korean Culture Center in Los 2017.10.22_cotsen-MarkLee-awardAngeles. All five wins were by resignation, including the exciting Round 4 game Sunday morning against Mateusz Surma. The European professional fell behind early but made skillful use of two weak groups to generate a thrilling game for viewers watching live on KGS as Surma chased a one-eyed dragon across the board. “Mateusz’ attack was a bit stronger than I expected,” said Lee. “I met him four years ago when we studied at the same school and he’s improved a lot since then.” See below for the game record, with commentary and variations by Lee.
Lee donated his $1,000 prize to the American Go Foundation, “to support its work training a new generation of go players.”

Winner’s Report:
Open: Mark Lee (5-0), Aaron Ye (4-1), Andrew Lu (4-1), Xiaocheng Hu (4-1), Mateusz Surma (3-2), Daniel Liu (3-2)
2-4d: Tyler Oyakawa (5-0), Jinming Pan (4-1), Pei Guo (4-1)
1d-2k: Kim In (4-1), Jay Chan (4-1), Irving Lai (4-1)
3k-7k: Matthew Hecht (4-1), Barnett Yang (4-1), Jonathan Zhang (4-1)
8k-19k: Heung Suh (5-0), Choashane Chang (4-1), Zongren Huang (4-1)
20-30k: Xiang Cai (5-0), Kyungsoo Lim (4-1), Alex Ledante
Club prizes: 1st: Santa Monica, 2nd: Orange County; 3rd: San Diego
- report/photo by Chris Garlock



Mark Lee goes for “three-peat” at Cotsen Open

Saturday October 21, 2017

To say that defending Cotsen Open champion Mark Lee dominated his opponents in the first three rounds Saturday would not do justice to2017.10.21_MarkLee-right Lee’s play. “This is a slaughter,” said one viewer on KGS as Lee (right) effortlessly erased Daniel Liu’s (left) territory, leaving the 5-dan’s groups struggling pointlessly in Round 2. In the first round, Wang Yi 5d attacked Lee strongly, but was forced to resign after just 134 moves when his eyeless group came up short against Lee’s one-eyed group. In the third round, Aaron Ye, in a tenacious display of fighting spirit, threw everything he had at Lee — despite the relentless pressure of the overtime clock — but was unable to find a way to victory and, like Liu and Yi, was forced to resign.

Lee’s sweep Saturday puts him in position to capture the title for the third year in the final two rounds on Sunday, although Poland’s Mateusz Surma, also 3-0, may have something to say about that. Surma was just in Mexico for the Mexican Go Congress and decided to come up for the Cotsen. The top-board games will be broadcast live on KGS, and see photos on Twitter @theaga.

- report/photo by Chris Garlock