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AGF College Scholarship Apps Being Accepted

Sunday March 6, 2011

Applications are now being accepted for the American Go Foundation(AGF) college scholarship. The program  recognizes high school students who have served as important youth organizers and promoters for the go community . To apply, download and complete the application form here. Applicants should describe their accomplishments and volunteer work in a short essay. Letters of recommendation may also be included. Applicants whose enthusiasm and ambition have helped spread go in under-served areas will be given special consideration. Strong players who spend much of their time voluntarily teaching will also be considered, although the award focuses on promoters and organizers who have made substantial contributions during their go career.  To read about former winners, check out Sensei #6.
- EJ Youth Editor Paul Barchilon.  Photo: 2010 scholarship recipient Cherry Shen.


Teacher of the Year Nominations

Sunday February 27, 2011

Nominations for the AGF  Teacher of the Year are now open. The award is presented each year at the U.S. Go Congress and recognizes an outstanding American teacher. The winner  will receive an all expenses paid trip to the congress.  To be eligible, a teacher must be a member of the AGA, have been teaching go to children for at least two hours a week for two years, have started a go club or organization for youth, and have helped their students enter appropriate tournaments, if possible.  If you would like to nominate someone for this award, including yourself, e-mail


Winston Jen Donates 1,000 Hikaru Sets

Monday February 21, 2011

Winston Jen, who previously donated thousands of dollars worth of anime (cartoons) and manga (comics) for AGA youth programs, is now donating 1,000 sets of the Hikaru no Go manga series. At 23 volumes of roughly 200 pages each, this represents 23,000 books.  The series follows the adventures of a 12-year-old boy in Japan, who becomes a professional go player.  Reading the series sparks tremendous interest in playing go among children (and adults too). The AGF is handling distribution of the sets, and is providing them for the cost of shipping to school and public libraries.  The AGF is also using the donation as a springboard for major outreach to libraries, and will be attending the American Library Association’s annual convention this June, in New Orleans.  15,000-20,000 librarians will be attending, and the AGF will staff a booth in the vendor area, where 2009 Teacher of the Year Josh Frye will join AGF board members in teaching librarians about go, and offering them free manga and equipment to launch programs.  Jen discovered go through Hikaru, and wants to share his love of the series with American kids.  Jen lives in Japan, and adds English subtitles to anime series, which are distributed on the internet.  Known as “fansubbing,” thousands of volunteers translate various series that otherwise might not receive an audience outside of Japan.  Hikaru was first translated by fansubbers, and might never have made it to the US if fansubbers hadn’t created a market for it first. “Fansubbing has increased my empathy for other cultures and inspired me to study harder than ever,” Jen told the Journal, “I’m currently in the midst of correcting TokyoPop’s Fruits Basket localization as part of my PhD in applied linguistics.” Jen’s fansub group C1anime, is looking for volunteers.  Current projects include Perrine, from the 19th century novel by Hector Malot, and a translation of the Anne Frank anime movie.  Interested parties should e-mail  Those who use Internet Relay Chat (IRC) can find C1 at #c1anime on  Various C1anime series can be downloaded online.  - Paul Barchilon, E.J. Youth Editor


Youth Go Championships

Sunday February 20, 2011

The United States Youth Go Championships will be held March 26 and 27, with finals on the first weekend in April.  The tournament will be held online, and will select the US representatives to the World Youth Goe Championships, in Bucharest, Romania.  The finals will also determine National Dan, Single Digit Kyu (SDK), and Double Digit Kyu (DDK) Champions. The winners will receive trophies, and prizes will be awarded in the following brackets: 5-7 dan 1-4 dan, 1-4 kyu, 5-9 kyu, 10-15 kyu, 16-20 kyu, 21-25 kyu, 26 and up kyu.  Contestants will be entered into a pool to receive $400 scholarships to  this year’s AGA Summer Youth Go Camp, courtesy of the AGF, 16 Scholarships will be awarded. The Junior Division is for youth 11 and under, the Senior Division is for youth under 18 as of August 1, 2011. Only US Citizens may enter the finals, residents may compete in the qualifier; the winners must be able to travel to Romania for the finals, August 12-19 (expenses are covered for the youth players, but not for parents).  To register, e-mail with your name, AGA #, date of birth, AGA rating, KGS ID, and citizenship.


School Teams Delayed for NJ Open

Monday January 24, 2011

The AGHS School Teams Tourney has been pushed back one week, to avoid the New Jersey Open. The event will now be held on March 5 and 12. Full information, including registration, can be found on the AGHS website.


Missingham Promoted to 5 Dan

Saturday January 22, 2011

Teen go prodigy Joanne Missingham, better known in China as Hēi Jiā Jiā, has had a very good year. She took 2nd place in the first Bing Sheng World Ladies cup, scored 2-1 at the Asian New Star Cup — where she was the only Taiwanese player to win in the Korea-Taiwan match — and won the qualification league of the 3rd Qisheng cup with a perfect 5-0 score. The Taiwan Qi-Yuan has now promoted her to 5 dan in recognition of her accomplishments. Missingham turned pro in 2008, at the age of 14, (E-J 7-28-08) and is proving herself a formidable international competitor. UnlimitedGo has reported on her activities several times, and one can see her recent victory against Lin Yuxiang here. -Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor. Photo: Hei Jiajia at the 1st Bingsheng Cup

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School Teams Tourney Registration

Sunday January 16, 2011

Registration for the AGHS School Teams Tournament is now open. There will be four rounds: Round 1 (12 pm ET) and Round 2 (5 pm ET) will be on February 26; Round 3 (12 pm ET) and Round 4 (5 pm ET) will be the next Saturday, March 5. Players must still be in High School, or younger, and no older than 20 as of February 26. Schools can register a maximum of three teams, each with three players and one alternate. Returning players, please note that the rules have changed for the 2011 tournament: only learning institutions, where a subject other than go is taught are eligible. Regular go clubs are NOT eligible unless they are based at a school. Players are encouraged to form teams from their public/private schools. Registration closes February 12.


Redmond Cup Registration Opens

Tuesday January 11, 2011

Young American go players can now sign up for the 19th annual Redmond Cup Tournament. Preliminary games will be played on the Internet, courtesy of IGS-PandaNet, and the four finalists will be invited to the 2010 US Go Congress to play the final games. There are two divisions in the Cup; the Junior league for those aged less than 12 years and the Senior league for those 12 and older, but younger than 18, on August 1st 2011. Competitors in the Senior League must be playing at dan strength, in the Junior 5 kyu or stronger. The participants must be members of the American Go Association or the Canadian Go Association and either residents of the U.S., Canada or Mexico or citizens of the United States living anywhere in the world, provided that they are also members of the AGA. The tournament director for the Redmond Cup is Michael Bull; Ing rules of Goe for all games. To register e-mail with your name, address, phone #, date of birth, email address, AGA rating, and citizenship. The registration deadline is February 15, 2011 The Cup is sponsored by Michael Redmond 9P and his family, the American Go Association and the American Go Foundation. Photo: 2010 champions, Oliver Wolf 2d (l) Sponsor None Redmond (c), Henry Zhang 1K (r). Photo by Ling Shan. – Paul Barchilon, Youth Editor.


Canada Wins 3rd Youth Friendship Match

Monday December 20, 2010

Over 300 go fans showed up on KGS to watch the future of North American go display their talent at the 3rd US-Canada Youth Friendship Match. Neither team disappointed, with many exciting games featuring intense fighting. The 7-player Canadian team won all but the last two boards, repeating their dominance of the U.S. in last year’s edition of the friendship match. On the top board, Calvin Sun, the U.S. WYGC representative, battled Ryan Li, the runner-up in the 2010 Canadian Open. Li gained an early edge, claiming a lot of territory, but a weak group during the midgame gave Sun a chance. However, Li squeaked out life, and Sun could not gain any advantage while attacking the group, giving Li the victory. The Canadians asserted their dominance in the next few boards as well, with Gansheng Shi, Tianyu (Bill) Lin, Jianing Gan, and Andrew Huang all claiming commanding victories, leaving Ben Lockhart and Vincent Zhuang as the only victorious members of the U.S. team. With such a strong showing from both teams, the North American team will definitely make for an exciting matchup against European youth in the 3rd Transatlantic Youth Go Match in Spring 2011. Full results are here.
- Special report by Lawrence Ku


U.S. Youth Take on Canadians Sunday on KGS

Monday December 13, 2010

The 3rd US-Canada Youth Friendship Tournament will be held Sunday, December 19, on KGS. The popular team tourney pits the best youth in the US against the best youth in Canada. The US won the first tournament, two years ago, but were crushed 6-2 in last year’s event. The matches will be held in the AGA Tournaments Room on KGS, at 4p Eastern time (1pm Pacific), spectators are welcome. The US team features Calvin Sun 7d, Ricky Zhou 7d, Will Zhou 7d, Hugh Zhang 6d, Andrew Lu 6d, Ben Lockhart 6d, and Vincent Zhuang 5d. The Canadians have Ryan Li 7d, Gansheng Shi 7d, Tianyu Lin 7d, Jianing Gan 7d, Andrew Huang 6d, Daniel Gourdeau 6d, and Irene Sha 6d. Tune in this Sunday to catch the action and root for your favorites.
- Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor