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Monday May 10, 2010

Park Junghwan 7P defeated Lee Sedol 9P by resignation in League play last Saturday, May 8, for the 6th Price Information Cup. With a 2-0 record, Junghwan advances to the final championship tournament, along with Park Yeonghun 9P, Choi Cheolhan 9P and Won Sungjin 9P. With a 1-1 record, Sedol will face Kim Jiseok, last year’s Price Information Cup winner, for one of the four remaining spots left in the final tournament lineup.
JustPlayGo for the game record

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Monday May 10, 2010

Thirteen-year-old Jianing Gan 6D showed talent and flexibility in several complicated exchanges in the first round of the best-of-three Strong Player’s Online Tournament (SPOT1) finals on Sunday, May 9, but Myungwan Kim 9P mastered the game with superior control and eventually took 1-0 lead in 151 moves after capturing White’s dragon. Jennie Shen 2P provided live game commentary on KGS and answered questions from fans all over the world. The match resumes with Game 2 on May 22 at 1p on KGS.

In the third-place game between Michael Chen 7D (White, left) and Eric Lui 7D (Black, right), Lui used a vigorous sanrensei opening and Black’s first thirteen moves only have one stone below the fourth line. Click here for game records. Despite a misread in the first battle in the upper left corner, Chen got points in the second battle at lower right. However Lui became very thick and initiated the third battle as he was a bit behind in territory. Chen tried to counter by attacking even when his own dragon lost space to live, but Lui defended wisely and forced Chen to resign at move 189.

The E-Journal caught up with Myungwan Kim 9P after his victory:
AGA E-Journal (EJ): Congratulations!
Kim: Thanks.
EJ: Can you give an overview of this game?
Kim: He (Gan) is very young. I was surprised how young and good he is. He is very creative too, but he lost some points in the beginning and couldn’t catch up.
EJ: If I remember correctly, this is the first time you killed a dragon in this tourney; when did you decide to do so?
Kim: When he played at J18, which is too much. Normally I don’t like to kill.
EJ: I see. One fan commented “Kim is gentle” Where are you most satisfied with your own play?
Kim: That’s a difficult question. I don’t really think there’s a good move of mine. Every move was so-so.
EJ: You are so humble. Jennie Shen 2P commented that you are so good at controlling the game.
Kim: What I wanted to make sure was I didn’t want to give him any chance to catch me up, so I made the game simple after I got some points in the beginning
EJ: It was noticed that you used a lot time at the beginning, but played much faster afterwards. Why?
Kim: Fighting in the beginning is always important. When you’re leading, everything becomes easy.
– Report/interview by Tournament Director Zhiyuan ‘Edward’ Zhang; photo: Michael Chen (left) and Eric Lui (right) have been friends and rivals for many years.

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Monday May 10, 2010

The American Go Foundation (AGF) is offering $200 youth discounts to this year’s US Go Congress.  Interested youth must write an essay on why they want to go; the application deadline is May 30th. Twenty scholarships are available, and up to 15 awardees will be selected by June 1.  Applications received after May 30th will be placed in a lottery with the remaining scholarships  awarded at random from qualifying essays.  The scholarships are available for youth who are under 18.  For more information, and to apply, click here– Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor. Photo: Youth Room at the 2009 Congress, photo by Paul Barchilon


Monday May 10, 2010

Second-grader Jeremy Chiu 1d topped the MorningStar Happy Cup Youth Go Tournament with six wins last Saturday, May 8 in Santa Clara, California. “Thirty-four elementary and middle school kids gathered together on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and played six rounds of 19×19 games,” says Yanping Zhao, who co-organized the third-annual event with Wenguang Wang. To ensure “a really fun experience for every kid,” Zhao reports that players earned prize tickets after each round, “and used these tickets to exchange various fancy prizes.” Each participant was also rewarded with a trophy and at the event’s conclusion, “all the kids and their parents enjoyed a refreshing ice cream party.”
– photo by Wenguang Wang; click here and here for more photos


Monday May 10, 2010

The American Go E-Journal will team up again with Ranka this year to provide complete coverage of the World Amateur Go Championships (WAGC). The 31st annual competition among top amateur players from around the world is set for May 24-31 in Hangzhou, China. American-born pro Michael Redmond 9P will provide game commentaries for the Ranka/E-Journal effort – which will include ongoing updates on both Ranka and the AGA website , as well as via daily E-Journal reports — while Ivan Vigano, James Davies and Chris Garlock will report and John Pinkerton will provide photos. NOTE: if you have tips about go places to visit in Shanghai — or have go contacts there — please email immediately. Click here to see last year’s coverage, and here for this year’s WAGC details, including the schedule. photo: Hall of Hangzhou Tian Yuan Tower, where the WAGC will take place.

GO QUIZ: Kato Masao, the Oldest Honinbo; Three-peat Congress

Monday May 10, 2010

Last week’s “simple” multiple choice fooled most of you: Kato Masao (r) not only won the Honinbo, but won it several times, the last time in 2002 at age 55.  The Kisei title is the only one he’s never won.
THIS WEEK’S QUIZ: CONGRESS TIME: It’s about time I plugged the annual U.S. Go Congress in the Quiz.  This year will be the third Congress hosted by Colorado; which state was the first to host three US Go Congresses? Washington, Pennsylvania, California or Virginia?  Click here to vote now.

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Sunday May 9, 2010

Artem Kachanovskyj 6d (r) went 6-0 to take the Ukrainian Student Go Championship, which was held May 1-2 in his hometown of Rivne.   Bohdan Zhurakovskyj 5d took second place with a 5-1 record, while Kostjantyn Lopatjuk 5d took third with 4-2. There were 45 players in the tournament.
Marek Kaminski 3d won the Polish Young Masters League by going 6-1 at the tournament held April 30 – May 2 in Bielsko-Biala, Poland.  Mariusz Pabich 2d took the silver, while Sebastian Pawlaczyk 2d beat out last year’s winner Andrzej Zyzak 3d on SOS for the bronze.  The league is players 23 years old and younger and while Kaminski will be too old to compete next year, the others will return.
– Peter Dijkema, EJ European Correspondent, reporting on EuroGoTV


Sunday May 9, 2010

Alexandr Vashurov 5d (r) swept to victory over long-time rival Alexandr Matushkin 3d — who lost only once to Vashurov — in the Privolzhskiy Federal District Championship, which was held May 1-3. Matushkin’s 5-1 record put him in second, while Yuriy Belyaev 3d and Alexander Matushkin were third with two losses to the leaders.

Kirill Denisov 3d also went undefeated in the Siberian Federal District Championship in Novosibirsk May 1-2.  Second place was won by David Klassen 2d (5-1) and Sergej Pavlov 4d took third by edging out last week’s winner of Novosibirsk District Champs, Valerij Ponomarev 4d, on SOS. There were 38 players taking part in the tournament.
– Peter Dijkema, EJ European Correspondent, reporting on EuroGoTV


Sunday May 9, 2010

The Student team defended their Serbian team title at home in Nis on April 24. The team fielded Nikola Mitic 5d and Dragan Mitic 4d, veteran Mijodrag Stankovic 5d, and youngster Mladen Lilic 1k and lost only one game of twenty.  Radnicki of Kragujevac was second and Milentije Popovic and Belgrade was third. Nis hosted the European Go Congress in 1989.
– Peter Dijkema, EJ European Correspondent, reporting on EuroGoTV

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Sunday May 9, 2010

Pavol Lisy 3d won his first Slovak title by going undefeated during the seven-round 19th Slovak Championship, held in Terchova April 28 – May 2. Maros Kral 3d took silver 6-1, while 2009 Champion Martin Reindl 3d finished with bronze 5-2.  The Danish Championship, held April 30 – May 2 in Copenhagen ended in a four-way tie, three of whom had the same SOS: Kasper Hornbaek 5d, Uffe Rasmussen 4d, Torben Pedersen 3d, and Thomas Heshe 5d all had 4-2 records.  Vanessa Wong 4d (r) silenced all opposition in the British Candidates Tournament, going 6-0 in Cambridge May 1-3.  The Candidates Tournament is Stage 1 of the British Championship.  Andrew Simons 2d and Matthew ‘Sahara’ Scott 1d both had 5 wins and came in second and third.  In Milan, Italy, May 1-2, Davide Minieri 3d (l) won all four of the games he played to win the 16th Brambilla Memorial tournament.  Carlo Metta 2d and Julian van den Busken 1k took the silver and bronze respectively.  In the Under 1-kyu Romanian Cup tournament, Liliana Iacob 4k finished first in her home town of Braila on May 2, finishing ahead of Teodor Sandu 2k and Costel Pintilie 5k, who were also 4-1. Thomas Kettenring 3d won the 14th Bierseidl in Munich over Norbert Jendruch 3d based on SOS, but Jendruch became the Bavarian State champion based on beating Kettenring head-to-head. Franz Michna 4d was third.  Alexandr Kornjukhin 2d won the Russian Rostov Championship May 1-2. His 4-1 result topped both Igor Chumakov 2d and Alexej Akishin 1d, who were each 3-2.  Paal Sannes 4d finished on top with a 4-1 record in the Oslo Open 2010 on May 2 in Norway.  Vestgaarden Oystein 2d and Kutsukake Toshiya 2d were second and third.
– Peter Dijkema, EJ European Correspondent, reporting on EuroGoTV, where you can find more detailed reports on each event.