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EUROPEAN GO NEWS: Blitzed In Amsterdam; Karlsruhe Back On Top In Bundesliga; Artem92 Takes Over Lead In KGS League; Kid’s Tourney Easy & Fun

Monday March 15, 2010

BLITZED IN AMSTERDAM: The next round in the Amsterdam Blitz Championships is this Thursday, March 18 (“A” on the map ; the next day is Queen’s Day in Holland, when Amsterdam turns into one big party. The club will be open all day and offer free instruction out in the open air and an international tourney as well.
Peter Dijkema

KARLSRUHE BACK ON TOP IN BUNDESLIGA: Karlsruhe has taken over the lead in the top division of the German Bundesliga – or Team League — with their win last week over the Frankfurt Dragons. Karlsruhe is just 2 board-points, or one won game ahead of HH-Hebsacker and the two teams will meet next month. Hamburg Pauli defeated the Berlin Blunders, moving into third place and next face the Dragons to battle over the bronze medal. The final round will be in May. Hebsacker has won the Bundesliga once, while Karlsruhe — a mostly Chinese team with Guo Shengda 4d as captain and Wei Xi 6d at board 1 — has dominated all other years. German Go Journal editor Tobias Berben 4d leads Hebsacker and Benjamin Teuber 6d is their top player. Former German champion Egbert Rittner 6d is Pauli’s top-board player, with EGF President Martin Stiassny 3k on the bench in the dugout. Teamleader Per Kannengiesser 4d of Berlin Igoist enjoys the luxury of having Hwang In-seong topping his line-up, the only 7d in the league.
Peter Dijkema, after stats at

TERWEY & KRÄMER WIN IN CASTROP: Matthias Terwey 4d topped the 26th Castroper Turnier and Lukas Krämer 4d narrowly kept his national youth title — his third consecutive — at last weekend’s Youth championships in Castrop-Rauxel. Krämer won his third title in a row as national youth champ. Click here for youth results and main tourney results
Peter Dijkema, after

LAATIKAINEN TOPS JAAKKO MUNKKI MEMORIAL: Vesa Laatikainen 5d topped the Jaakko Munkki Memorial last weekend in Helsinki, Finland, with a 4-1 score. Lauri Paatero 4d was second and Tuomas Hella 3d third. Click here for full results.
Peter Dijkema, after EGD, where Laatikainen uploaded results

TWO LOCALS TOP FRYDEK-MISTEK: Locals Petr Valasek 2d and Ivan Kostka 4d topped the A-group round robin in Frydek-Mistek (Czech republic) last Saturday, 4-1 each. Young Lukas Podpera 3d from the capital Prague was third at 3-2. ‘Outsiders’ also took top honors in B-group – Ondrej Kachyna 4k of Brno won 5-0, ahead of Tomas Bartonek 7k of Ostrava (4-1) and local Michal Zubalik 5k. Young local hopeful Petr Miculka 19k also went home undefeated. Click here for full results.
Peter Dijkema, after ‘Flatline’ submitted tables to EGD

MACFADYEN SKYE HIGH: Matthew Macfadyen finished two points clear of nearest rivals Francis Roads and Yohei Negi at the Skye go club’s first tournament. Skye is an island in the Inner Hebrides chain, just off the coast of Scotland. The newly formed go club held its first tournament this year and attracted 32 players. Top local was Jurriaan Dijkman in 17th place.”
Ian Davis, Irish Correspondent for the E-Journal

SMUD SWEEPS BIG MOUNTAIN: Local strongman Mladen Smud 1k went undefeated 4-0 in the Veliki zimski velickogoricki go-turnir, or ‘large global big-mountain tourney’, a one-day event in Velika Gorica (‘Big Mountain’) in Croatia last Saturday, where 20 Croatians played. The tourney is part of the Croatian League. Vigor Grego 1k lost only to Smud to finish in second place. Click here for full results.
Peter Dijkema, after EGD, where Smud uploaded results

STATE RULED BUCAREST SCHOOL-179: Silvestru State swept the first week of the school-179 tourney in the Romanian capital of Bucarest last month. Alexandru Nae was second with 4-1. Also Andreea Crit 20k went undefeated. Click here for full results. The following week, State was undefeated again, ahead of Rares Ghioc (4-1) and Nae (3-2). All are 6k and from the capital. Click here for full results of 28 children.
– Peter Dijkema, after EGD, where Iulian Toma (‘dr. Toma’) uploaded results

ARTEM92 TAKES OVER LEAD IN KGS LEAGUE: Artem92 from Ukraine has grabbed the lead in the March Korean Insei League on KGS. Artem had won the first league in January, but in February he was second to danigabi (Argentina), who skipped in March. While Fredda from Sweden built an early 4-0 lead, Artem92 took revenge for his unexpected loss last month to ha of France and played League founder and teacher Alex Dinerchtein, winning both lessons. Next a win over Maroncsan (Hungary) brought him on even and he next challenged Fredda and won. Artem now leads 5-0, but has not yet played OohAah (Israel), who follows at 6-1. Fredda 4-1 is third. Ha 3-3 and Hungarian Maroncsan 2-2 are on even. In the B League, Fedor (Russia) leads 4-0, ahead of Elvina Karlsberg (rus172) at 6-1 and remake (Sweden) with 12-4. AGA e-journal editor Chris Garlock is in fourth place at 2-1.
Peter Dijkema, from

KID’S TOURNEYS EASY & FUN: In the latest German Go Journal, Steffi Hebsacker writes about how easy it is to organize a youth event. Hebsacker had noticed the joy of many children and their parents at the Kido-cup last September and the Rahlstedt Tengen in November, both held in Hamburg. To keep the rhythm until the March Harburg event (see last week’s report) she proposed holding another tourney on January 17. It took her less than seven hours of preparation and ten hours during the tournament, which drew over 30 kids. Divided into round-robin groups of up to six, the best four, all single-digit kyu players — played slower games. Hebsacker’s helpers were TD’s for every group and a few parents to help with catering. A small investment of time and energy, Hebsacker concludes for so much fun.
Peter Dijkema, after DGoZ 85-1

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WORLD GO NEWS: Lee Changho Overcomes Odds To Clinch Nongshim Cup; Xie Yimin Retains Title As Female Meijin; Lian Xiao Wins Ricoh Cup; Choi Wins First Round In Maxim; Rui 1-0 In Female Kuksu; Lian Xiao Wins Ricoh Cup

Monday March 15, 2010

LEE CHANGHO OVERCOMES ODDS TO CLINCH NONGSHIM CUP: Lee Changho 9P, the last player on the Korean team, overcame a rough flight and three top opponents to win the Nongshim Cup title on March 12. “Lee Changho’s condition is not good” said one ominous news report early last week after Lee – who does not like air travel — arrived in Shanghai for the third and final stage of the 11th Nongshim Cup suffering from migraine headaches after his flight had experienced severe turbulence. China’s Liu Xing 7P eliminated Japan in the first round on Tuesday, defeating Hane Naoki 9P, but then lost by resignation to Lee on Wednesday. That still left China with a 2-1 advantage, however, with Chang Hao 9P and Gu Li 9P between Lee and the title. In an exciting game, with ko fights all over the board, Lee defeated Gu Li by resignation in the third round on Thursday and clinched the title on Friday with his win over Chang Hao by resignation in the final round of the Nongshim Cup.
– based on reports on JustPlayGo which also has the game records

XIE YIMIN RETAINS TITLE AS FEMALE MEIJIN: Xie Yimin defeated Mukai Chiaki 4P last Wednesday to retain her Female Meijin title. Xie won the second round by 2.5 points to sweep the 22nd Female Meijin 2-0. With all three of Japan’s female professional titles – Meijin, Kisei, Honinbo – and the Daiwa Ladies Cup firmly in her possession, Xie is clearly the top female professional in Japan.

LIAN XIAO WINS RICOH CUP: Lian Xiao 3P defeated Li Haojie 3P by resignation in the final game of the 4th Ricoh Cup (Xinxiu) last Wednesday. Lian Xiao is a 15-year-old Chinese professional player who was promoted to 1 dan in 2007 and 3 dan in 2009. Xinxiu means “new talent” and this Chinese tournament for youth players is currently sponsored by Ricoh. From 1998 through 2001, a tournament under the same name was sponsored by NEC. Prizes are 30,000 Yuan [ca. 4,400 USD] for the winner and 10,000 for the runner-up.
– – JustPlayGo & Sensei’s Library

CHOI WINS FIRST ROUND IN MAXIM: Defending champion Choi Cheolhan 9P defeated Kang Dongyun 9P by resignation on March 15 in the first round of the 11th Maxim Cup. This is Kang Dongyun’s first Maxim Cup title match. The Maxim is a 9P-only Korean tournament sponsored by Dong Suh Foods. The second round will be played on April 5th.

RUI 1-0 IN FEMALE KUKSU: Rui Naiwei 9P defeated Cho Hyeyeon 8P by resignation in the first round of the 15th Female Kuksu (National Champion) on March 15. Rui has played in the Kuksu finals eight times, including this year’s match. Her only Kuksu title loss was to Cho Hyeyeon in 2003 at the 9th Kuksu. The second game will be played on March 24th.

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U.S. GO NEWS: Qu Sweeps Norcal Tourney; World Youth Qualifier Moved Up To April 3; Northeast Interclub Tourney Invites Teams; School Team Tourney Setting New Records; Agf Accepting Apps For College Scholarships; Aga Ratings Updated; New AGA Database Feature Links Players; Why Host A Pro Workshop?

Monday March 15, 2010

QU SWEEPS NORCAL TOURNEY: Larry Qu 7k topped the Bay Area Go Players Association monthly ratings tournament in Palo Alto, CA on March 6, finishing with a perfect 5-0 record. In the Dan division, Bogdan Dobrescu 5d, Lucas Baker 3d, Samuel Gross 1d, and Sammy Zhang 1d each won three games apiece. The playing field consisted of 33 players, ranging from 7d to 24k, with eight playing in their first AGA-rated tournament ever. The next monthly ratings tournament takes place April 10 in Palo Alto. PHOTOS AT BAY AREA GO

WORLD YOUTH QUALIFIER MOVED UP TO APRIL 3: The selection process for the World Youth Go Championships has just been dramatically accelerated, with an online qualifier to be held April 3 and the finals held on April 10-11. “The Ing Foundation has just notified the AGA that our representatives to the World Youth Go Championships must be selected by April 15th, a sudden change from last year’s policy,” reports AGA Youth Coordinator Paul Barchilon. Since this is before the previously-scheduled USYGC Qualifiers will have chosen winners, a new schedule has been established. Youth players who wish to enter must e-mail to register by March 30th. The top sixteen players in each bracket will advance to the finals. The Junior Division is for youth 11 and under, the Senior Division is for youth under 18 as of August 1, 2010. Only US Citizens may enter the qualifier; the winners must be able to travel to Taiwan for the finals (expenses are covered for the youth players, but not for parents). “The previously-scheduled USYGC Qualifiers around the nation will all be held as planned, and the prizes will remain the same, but as those events will no longer select our WYGC representatives, the citizenship requirement will be waived,” says Barchilon.

NORTHEAST INTERCLUB TOURNEY INVITES TEAMS: Go clubs in the Northeast are invited to participate in the upcoming Northeast Inter-club Go Tournament in the Boston area. The team tournament is being organized by the MIT Go Club and the Massachusetts Go Association on March 27 in Somerville MA starting at 9:30a. Teams will have three members and each club may send multiple teams. Clubs must preregister by March 20th with a complete list of participants and their ranks; email

SCHOOL TEAM TOURNEY: A record breaking 92 teams and 307 individuals are competing in the ninth annual American Go Honor Society (AGHS) School Team Tournament, representing 15 states and 3 provinces in Canada. Two schools, Fair Oaks ES (CA) and Saratoga HS (CA), are entering five teams each, matching Clear Lake HS (TX)’s record, back in 2004. Stuyvesant HS (NY) will seek their second consecutive and third national title in the Open Division. However, they will have to overcome JP Stevens HS (NJ), last year’s silver medalists, along with seven California teams, including all three teams from CA’s 2008 medal sweep, who will seek a spot on the podium after being shut out last year. East Meadows HS (NY) fell just short in their bid to become the second team in AGHS history to win both the Rookies Cup and the School Sweepstakes title, awarded to the best new school and best overall school in the tournament, finishing in second place in the final standings. However, two California schools, Morningstar Chinese School and Redwood Shores GC, hope to accomplish this feat after stunning performances in the first round. In addition, fourteen elementary and middle schools will fight for the Junior Cup title this year, including reigning Junior Champions Cary Chinese School (NC). who are expected to put up a stiff fight to retain their title. Yet they were barely able to hold off a surge from Fairs Oaks ES (CA), who will seek to add the Junior title to their long list of achievements under AGHS competitions. Readers can keep track of the teams on the AGHS ” title=”website” target=”_blank”>website http://aghs.c>. All games are played on KGS, in the AGHS Tournament Room (under Tournaments), and observers are welcome.
Tim Savoie, AGHS Correspondent

AGF ACCEPTING APPS FOR COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS: The American Go Foundation is now accepting applications for its College Scholarship, reports AGF board member Matthew Mallory. “The scholarship is intended to reward organizers who create new, or help existing, go programs in their school or community, playing strength is less important than community service,” Mallory says. Applicants must be at least in their junior year of high school; winners will receive $1,000 and will be announced at the US Go Congress. “Last year Lawrence Ku, a model youth organizer, received the scholarship,” Mallory adds. The deadline is May 15: Click here to learn more and download the application form.
Paul Barchilon, EJ Youth Editor

AGA RATINGS UPDATED; NEW AGA DATABASE FEATURE LINKS PLAYERS: AGA ratings were updated March 12 and include a number of recent tournaments, including the NOVA Chinese Lunar New Year, New Jersey Open, John Groesch, From the Word Go, and Bay Area Tournament. The ratings – which former Tournament Coordinator Phil Waldron did a tremendous amount of work on — are linked to the AGA Go Database, which includes the records of every game and player in all tournaments played in the United States since 1991. A new FindPath feature

AGA Games Database shows how players are linked through opponents. For example, AGA Database creator Jonathan Bresler 14k is just four players from Feng Yun 9P: Bresler played Stephen Leslie 14k in 1994, Leslie played Eric Lui 7k in 1996 and Lui played Feng Yun in 2007. The search can be unlimited across all games in the database, limited by date, or limited to a particular tournament.

WHY HOST A PRO WORKSHOP? The Portland Go Club hosted two pro workshops in the past year, one by Jennie Shen in the fall and one by Yi Lun Yang in the spring. Both were attended by about 20 dan/low kyu players and middle/double kyu players. Jennie’s workshop was short on lectures and long on game review. Most of the weekend was spent with one group playing while the other group reviewed games, and then switching. Jennie’s tone was light and relaxed – she often cracked jokes, asking “You really played that move?” — teasing the players and making them feel at ease. Mr. Yang’s workshop was more balanced between lectures on various aspects of the game – opening, extensions, attacking, defending, life and death – and game review. Many of the kyu players took notes and Mr. Yang was serious and intense, expressing his strong passion for teaching. He also has a well-developed formal methodology for teaching go. As different as the flavor and structure of these workshops were, they were both excellent and well-received by the players. As a double-digit kyu player I had no idea about direction of play in the opening, let alone a systematic way to approach life and death problems. As a dan player, issues about crosscuts and opening strategy were clarified for me. I’d have either of them back in a Portland minute. Based on these two workshops I’d be equally happy bringing new pros in or bringing either of these two pros back.
Peter Freedman coordinates the Portland Go Club in Portland, Oregon, and co-directed the 2008 U.S. Go Congress.

Your Move/Readers Write: Finding Clubs In CT & NYC

Monday March 15, 2010

FINDING CLUBS IN CT & NYC: “I visited your website to see whether there is any go community in NY City or Connecticut,” writes reader Toshi Bekku. “If there are, do you have their contact information?” Click here to find local clubs anywhere in the United States. Enjoy!


Monday March 8, 2010

MARIGO RECLAIMS ITALIAN TITLE: Francesco Marigo 4d from Milano regained his Italian title, when he defeated opponent Carlo Metta 1k in his hometown Pisa twice and took the 2009 title (the first game was held last year) 3-0 on Friday, March 5. Marigo held the title from 2001-2006. Viktor Bogdanov 5d of Petrozavodsk (Russia) won the Firenze (Florence) Open, held last weekend in Colleoli, a village in the green hills of Toscany.
Peter Dijkema, from reports by Nicoletta Corradi at

MARZ BEST AT BST-MEISTERSCHAFT: Manja Marz 4d of Marburg won the combined Meister(in) title of Brandenburg, Saxony and Thüringen states. Last weekend in Leipzig (Saxony) Marz stayed ahead of locals Jens Henker 4d and David Schmidt 1d . Manja is married to Micha Marz 3d, President of DGoB. Click here for results.
Peter Dijkema, after

GONZE GOES FOR BELGIAN TITLE: With current Belgian Champion Lucas Neirlinck 4d not defending his title, François Gonze 3d grabbed his chance. In the first weekend of the round-robin with 10 last weekend in Brussels, Gonze won all four rounds, with three close behind at 3-1: Jan Ramon 4d, Thomas Connor 3d and Pieter Beyens 2d. The second and final playoff is set for March 21-22.
Peter Dijkema, after a report by Frank Segers at

SURMA AND NG EURO YOUTH-CHAMPS: Mateusz Surma 4d (Poland) won the under-16 European Championship and Anson Ng 1k (UK) took the under-12 title in Sibiu, Romania,  March 4-7. Surma and Ng will represent Europe at the next Goe World Youth Championships. Mihai Valentin Serban 4d (RO) won the under-18 and Christian Pop 7d the side event over the weekend. Saijo Masataka 9P was the top special guest at the jubilee 15th Youth-EC. Next was his student Catalin Taranu 5P, now President of the Romanian Go Association and the third guest was Csaba Merö 6d (Hungary), winner of the first Youth-EC back in 1996 in Baile Felix, Romania. The three categories attracted a record number of children, 75 in the under-12, 48 in under-16 and 13 in under-18, while 40 grown-ups took part in the Open tourney. EuroGOTV broadcast video and games on KGS.
Peter Dijkema

HWANG SNAPS UP BIG CHEESE IN HARBURG MOUSETRAP: Hwang In-seong 7d from Berlin took home the top prize in the March 6-7 “Mausefalle” (‘Mousetrap’, is German for ‘snapback’) in Hamburg-Harburg. A large field of 112 players turned out from 37 German clubs. Hwang joins current Deutscher Meister Christoph Gerlach and Benjamin Teuber as two-time winners. Only Cho Seok-bin 7d has won the Mousetrap three times. Local veteran Stefan Kaitschick 5d finished second, losing only to Hwang. Local hopeful Timo Kreuzer 1k was undefeated, as was Olaf Engel 5k from Flensburg. The former received a thick luxury go-ban as special prize for best youth, while Olga Silber 1k earned her a set of luxury stones as best woman with 4-1. Top winners got money prizes, others got books. Click here for full results.
Peter Dijkema, after

SILT SWEEPS IRISH CONGRESS: Ondrej Silt 6d from Czech Republic overcame the opposition of Wang Wei 7d, winner of last year’s Irish Congress in his hometown Cork. Silt won the Irish Open 5-0 in the Teachers Club at the heart of old Dublin last weekend. Wang was second, while Willem Mallon 4d and Willem-Koen Pomstra 5d (both of Holland) shared third place. Also Kim Ouweleen 2d (NL) and Quentin Mills 4d (UK) won 3 each. Click here for the full results. At the rapid handicap tourney, the Friday before, Edwin Brady 2k (UK) had best sos. Also Justyna Klaczar 3k (PL), Pomstra, Bernd Sambale 1k (D), James Hutchinson 1k (UK) and Ouweleen won 4-1. Click here for the full results.
Peter Dijkema, after

MARIGO CAMPIONE ITALIANO: Francesco Marigo 4d from Milano regained his (2001-2006) Italian title for 2009, when he defeated his opponent Carlo Metta 1k in his hometown Pisa twice and took the title 3-0 on Friday, March 5. The first game had been last year. Viktor Bogdanov 5d of Petrozavodsk (Russia) won the Firenze (Florence) Open, held last weekend in Colleoli, a village in the green hills of Toscany.
Peter Dijkema, from reports by Nicoletta Corradi at

MARZ BEST AT BST-MEISTERSCHAFT: Manja Marz 4d of Marburg won the combined Meister(in) title of Brandenburg, Saxony and Thüringen states. Last weekend in Leipzig (Saxony) she stayed ahead of locals Jens Henker 4d and David Schmidt 1d . Manja is married to Micha Marz 3d, President of DGoB. Click here for the results.
Peter Dijkema, after

GONZE GOES FOR BELGIAN TITLE: With current Belgian Champion Lucas Neirlinck 4d not defending his title, François Gonze 3d grabbed his chance. In the first weekend of the round-robin with 10, last weekend in Brussels, he won all 4. Three follow him at 3-1: Jan Ramon 4d, Thomas Connor 3d and Pieter Beyens 2d. Second and final part is up for March 21-22. Gonze still has to play all three at his heels.
Peter Dijkema, after a report by Frank Segers at

CHEN DOMINATES DRESDEN: Chen Lei 6d easily swept the 23rd Dresden tournament 5-0 on February 27-28 in Germany. Runner-up Marc Landgraf 3d lost to Chen and Thomas Hübner 3d took third. Click here for results.
Peter Dijkema, after

SIMEUNOVIC SWEEPS SAMAC: Zoran Simeunovic 5d swept the fifth annual tournament in Samac, Bosnia the last weekend in February. Dragan Barisic 5d, also of Bosnia, was second and Robert Jovicic 3k from Zagreb (Croatia) came in third. The other three players from Zagreb — Mato Tausan 9k, Fran Pejonic 11k and Filip Pejonic 13k also won 4-1. As Rado Babic 12k of Austria reported, the tourney featured 25 players from 8 clubs in 4 different countries. Click here for results.
Peter Dijkema

BLOMBACK BANKS VAESTERAS: Scandinavian Champion Fredrik Blomback 5d (Stockholm) flowered at the Open Champs in Vaesteras, Sweden the last weekend of February, sweeping the event 5-0. Martin Li 5d of Falun and Charlie Akerblom 4d of Norrköping lost only to Blomback and also made the podium. Jakob Bing 2k, Robert Aahs 4k and Robin Nilsson 11k won 4-1 as well. In Vaesteras 28 took part. Click here for results.
Peter Dijkema

MGE-1 HUNGARIAN TEAM CHAMP: The MGE-1 team, captained by György Czismadia 4d, narrowly won the Hungarian Team Title,  staying half a point clear of Origo under Zoltán Fódi 1d in the final round. While Origo crushed PaGoda-2 8-1, they defeated PaGoda Agro by only 6-3; half a point more (jigo is possible with 6 komi) would have tied them with MGE-1. Winners were awarded cash prizes and champagne. The student team of PaGoda-1 — Alexandra Urban 1d, Júlia Seres 1k and Péter Markó 2d — won bronze. Click here for the detailed results.
Peter Dijkema and Péter Korossy (Hungary)

HUNGARIAN SCHOOLKID PRELIMS: The preliminaries of the Hungarian Championship for schoolkids kicked off February 19 in Hejokeresztúr in the East of Hungary, where 45 kids played, mostly on 9×9 and 13×13. “There were lots of age groups, lots of medals, lots of happy kids,” reports Péter Korossy. The next day, 18 played round-robin in three age-groups in Pápa in the West and the following week in Szigetszenmiklós in central Hungary, 14 took part on February 26 and 24 a day later in Budapest, at the the “Rabbity Six” tourney (see last week’s news). For results, click here – for photo links, click here “The finals are up for May in Budapest, where most of Hungarian go-life is concentrated,” adds Korossy.
Peter Dijkema and Péter Korossy (Hungary)

PARIS DECAMPS FOR SUBURBS: For many years the Paris Pandanet – played during Easter – has been held at the ancient City Hall in Paris’ 13th District. With City Hall now under renovation, the 2010 Paris tourney has been moved to the suburb of Antony and will be held April 3-5. The Paris Pandanet is the final event of the Pandanet season and with a top prize of 1000 euros, many strong players are expected to participate. To sign up, click here
– Peter Dijkema

EURO GO DATABASE TO REACH HALF A MILLION: The European Go Database lists over 26,000 players in almost 5,500 tourneys with almost half a million games as well as more than 400 game records and over 300 player pictures. Over 300 also appear in the new American Go Association Game Database. Click here for current standings.
Peter Dijkema

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Monday March 8, 2010

LEE CHANGHO WINS KBS CUP: Lee Changho 9P notched his 11th KBS Cup title win on March 4, defeated Kang Dongyun 9P by resignation to win the title 2-0. This is Lee’s first title win of the year.

CHO U WINS GAME 1 IN JUDAN: Cho U (Judan) defeated Yamashita Keigo (Tengen) by resignation in the first round of the 48th Judan-sen on March 4. This is Cho U’s third Judan title match since 2004. He lost the title match to O Rissei (3:1) in 2004 and won the title against Takao Shinji (3:1) in 2009. This also is Yamashita Keigo’s third Judan title match. He lost to Cho Chikun in 2006 (3:1) and in 2007 (3:2). The 2nd round will be played on March 25th.

KONO RIN WINS NEC CUP: Kono Rin 9P took the NEC Cup from Hane Naoki on Saturday, winning the final game of the 29th Cup by resignation. This is Kono Rin’s second NEC Cup title win; the first was in 2008 against Cho Sonjin.

LEE CHANGHO WINS ROUND 1 IN KUKSU: Lee Changho 9P defeated Hong Kipyo 4P by resignation in the first round of the 53th Kuksu title match last Saturday, March 6. This is Hong’s first national title match; he was 43rd in the Korean professional standings in 2009. The Kuksu is Korea’s highest Baduk title, the winner of which is commonly considered to be Korea’s strongest player. Last year’s Kuksu champion was Lee Sedol. Round 2 will be played on March 17th.


GU LI SUFFERS ANOTHER DEFEAT: Gu Lingyi 5P defeated Gu Li 9P by resignation on Sunday in the quarterfinals of the 10th RICOH Cup. This was the second straight tournament loss by Gu Li in the three days (see GU LI, KONG JIE ELIMINATED FROM CCTV CUP below). Mid-level dan players have been showing their strength as of late, giving 9-dans a run for their money. At just 18, Gu Lingyi is one of China’s rising stars, reaching China’s top ten this past August. The RICOH Cup semifinals will pit Wang Lei 8P against Kong Jie 9P and Gu Lingyi 5P against Xie He 7P.

GU LI, KONG JIE ELIMINATED FROM CCTV CUP: Top players Gu Li and Kong Jie went down to defeat in the CCTV Cup last week as Zhong Wenjing 5d eliminated Kong Jie in the first round on March 4 and Zhang Wei 6P defeated Gu Li 9P by resignation in the second round on March 6.  Kong Jie was last year’s CCTV Cup winner and was expected to defend his title in the final round. Gu Li was the second of China’s top players to be eliminated by mid-level dan players. Of the eight players left in the tournament, three are 9 dan and the remaining five are either 5 or 6 dan. At least one of these mid-level dan players will advance to the final.

XIE YIMIN WINS ROUND 1 IN FEMALE MEIJIN: Xie Yimin (Female Meijin) defeated Mukai Chiaki 4P by resignation in the first game of the 22nd Female Meijin on March 3. The second round will be played on March 10th.

PARK YEONGHUN ADVANCES TO MAXIM CUP SEMIS: Park Yeonghun 9P defeated Yoo Changhyuk 9P by half a point in the third round of the 11th Maxim Cup on March 3. He will face Choi Cheolhan, the current Maxim Cup title holder, in the semifinal.

CHINA’S MENG WINS STUDENT OZA: Meng Xiao-long of China defeated Seo Yutae from Korea in the final of the 8th World Student Oza Championship, held March 1-3 in Tokyo, Japan. The Americas were represented by Argentina’s Gabriel Benmergui, who finished 2-2 and Mexico’s Emil Garcia, who went 1-3. Europe’s Artem Kachanovsky (Ukraine) went 2-2 and Anna Prokopova (Czech Republic) finished 0-4. Click here for the results and the game-record of the final.
Peter Dijkema

KARLSBERG BREAKS SHIKSIN’S WINNING STREAK IN KGS INSEI LEAGUE: Russian Women’s Champion Elvina Karlsberg finally broke KGS Insei League (KILL) co-founder Ilya Shiksin’s 199-game winning streak in the B-E divisions. Karlsberg beat Shiksin by half a point in a 6-player simul on March 3, collecting the prize of a collection of trick moves. Click here for the game. Results from the February League: A League: danigabi (Argentina) swept the title 13-0, ahead of artem92 (Ukraine) 11-1. B: Latmir (Ru) 7-1, Maroncsan (Hu) 11-3, Teamrocket (NL) 11-4  (all 3 moved up to A). C: azorod (Ru) 1-0, Sinprejic (US) 7-3. D: DarkArhont (Ru) 7-1, Badukboris (Germany) 7-3. E: Srgej (Ru) & lighthouse (Ger) 14-2.
Peter Dijkema, after

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Monday March 8, 2010

MILLING, BOEHEM & HADDAD TOP AUSTIN WILDFLOWER CLASSIC: Chris Milling 4k, William Boehem 9k and Geoffrey Haddad 20k shared top honors at the March 6 Wildflower Classic in Austin, TX. The three emerged undefeated 4-0 to top the 24-player field, reports TD Andy Olsen. Photo by Steven Morris.

AGA BOARD APPROVES CONTINUATION OF FUJITSU CUP & NAIM; SEEKS 2010 HOSTS: American Go Association Tournament Coordinator Boris Bernadsky reports that the AGA Board has voted to continue holding the Fujitsu Cup and North American Ing Masters (NAIM) tournaments as two separate events. “Despite the suspension last year of Ing funding, the Board voted to continue using the Ing name and rules out of respect and in appreciation for Ing’s previous and long-term financial support and commitment to go,” Bernadsky says. Bernadsky also reports that there are still NAIM hosting opportunities for interested clubs and players. “So far the Boston Go Club and the Southern California Go Club have agreed to host qualifiers,” he says. Email if you’re interested, or visit NAIM’s Facebook page 

ZHANG WINS MONTREAL WINTER TOURNEY: Hanxi Zhang 6D of Ottawa won the 31st Winter Tournament on February 28. The one-day, three-round event, officially known as the Tounoi d’hiver, was held at the Jean-de-Brébeuf College, in Montreal and attracted 41 players. Winner’s Report: Group A: Hanxi Zhang, 6D, Ottawa; Group B: Jean-Sébastien Lechasseur, 4D, Quebec; Group C: Ying-Chu Chen, 1D, Montreal; Group D: Aida Harumitsu, 5K, Montreal; Group E: Timon Sun, 18K, Montreal.

U.S. TOURNAMENT NEWS: Chen & Yuan Win NJ Open; Mingjiu Jiang 7p To Rep N.A. At Chunlan Cup; Rueckriemen Wins VT Tourney; First-Timer Shin Wins Gold At Groesch Memorial

Monday February 22, 2010

CHEN & YUAN WIN NJ OPEN: ZhaoNian (Michael) Chen 7d, Zhi Yuan (Andy) Liu 7d shared top honors and New Jersey State Co-Champions last weekend, winning $300 each. 115 players turned out one of the strongest fields on the year at the 51st annual tournament February 20-21 in Princeton, New Jersey, organized by the Princeton Go Club. The E-Journal broadcast the Board 1 games live on KGS to crowds that topped 500 for the final showdown for the final round game between Chen and Yuan. The game records can be found on KGS under usgo1; a game commentary for the EJ by Alexander Dinerchtein on the final round game is attached. 5-game winners ($100 each): William Lockhart 6d, Justin Teng 4d, Huang Sida 2k, Brian Aronson 3k. 4-game winners ($60 each): Kevin Shang 5d, Jared Beck 4d, Li Shi 1d, Brandon Langley 2k, Amy Su 5k, Kim Ilhee 6k, Iris Lin 9k, Adam Newshan 14k, Joanne Huang 17k, Robert Cole 19k, Jessica Huang 21k. Beginner (15k and below) random drawing for a complete go set: Jonathan Hong. Paul Matthews and Rick Mott directed the tournament.

MINGJIU JIANG 7P TO REP N.A. AT CHUNLAN CUP: Mingjiu Jiang will represent North America at the North American Chunlan Cup after defeating Feng Yun to win the qualifier Sunday night on KGS. In the first round earlier in the week, Mingjiu Jiang won over Calvin Sun, and Jie Li won over Jason Gu. Feng Yun received a bye when her opponent could not meet the schedule. In the second round, Jie Li 7D had to withdraw due to his law school school schedule, leaving Feng Yun and Mingjiu Jiang to battle it out.The sponsoring Chunlan Group is a large conglomerate of electrical, electronic, and mechanical manufacturing companies, headquartered in Taizhou, China.  In 1999, Chunlan began sponsoring a world go championship, first as an annual event, then as a biannual event beginning in 2001. With a top prize of 1 million yuan (about $150,000USD), the Chunlan Cup is comparable in size to the Fujitsu, LG, and Samsung Cup. For the 8th Chunlan, 16 top players from around the world have been invited to participate in a knock-out that will begin in late March, and continues through the rest of the year until concluding with a final 3-game series in June 2011.Korea leads the Cup so far with four, Japan has one win, and China has won the last two. Jimmy Cha represented North America in 2008 and won his first round against Imamura Toshiya 9P from the Kansai Kiin, but lost to China’s Huang Yizhong 7P in the second round.  Alexander Dinerchstein played for Europe and lost in the first round.

RUECKRIEMEN WINS VT TOURNEY: Rolf Rueckriemen 2k won the February 13 From the Word Go tournament in in Middlebury, VT. There were 12 players from Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Wnner’s Report: 1st: Rolf Rueckriemen 2k (4-0); 2nd (tie): Adam Luter 1k (3-1) & Lihu Ben-Ezri Ravin 4k (3-1); 4th: Henry Danaher 2k (3-1). Peter Schumer directed.

FIRST-TIMER SHIN WINS GOLD AT GROESCH MEMORIAL: First-time tournament player Joe Shin took home top honors at last weekend’s John Groesch Memorial. The 4-round tourney was held on February 20 in College Park, MD and attracted a dozen players. Zarathustra Goertzel also finished 4-0 and won the kyu prize. The John Groesch Memorial prize for the best performance by a player under the age of 20 who is new to tournament go (defined by less than two years of tournament play) was won by Alexei Avakov with 3 points. Steve Mount directed.

WORLD GO NEWS: Yamashita Stays Alive In Kisei; Kong Jie Wins Round 1 In LG Cup; Kang, Park & Heo Advance In Chunlan Cup Prelim; Lee Younggu Advances In Caltex Cup Challenger; Xie Blanks Umezawa In Female Kisei

Monday February 22, 2010

YAMASHITA STAYS ALIVE IN KISEI: Yamashita Keigo managed to avoid a sweep by defeating Cho U by 7.5 points in the fourth round of the 34th Kisei. It will be an uphill battle for Yamashita to retain his title, with Cho U leading 3-1. Round 5 will be played on February 18th and 19th.

KONG JIE WINS ROUND 1 IN THE LG CUP: Kong Jie defeated Lee Changho by 2.5 points in the first round of the 14th LG Cup title match. This is Lee Changho’s sixth appearance, winning four of his five LG Cup title matches. The last time Lee Changho played as a finalist was in 2004. This is Kong Jie’s first appearance. The second game will be played on February 24th.

KANG, PARK & HEO ADVANCE IN CHUNLAN CUP PRELIM: Kang Dongyun, Park Yeonghun, and Heo Yeongho each won their respeective games in the preliminary tournament of the 8th Chunlan Cup and will advance to the next and final round.

LEE YOUNGGU ADVANCES IN CALTEX CUP CHALLENGER: Lee Younggu 8P defeated Park Seunghyun 6P by 1.5 points in Round 2 of the 15th GS Caltex Cup Challenger Tournament. The winner of the Challenger Tournament will face Cho Hanseung 9P, the current Caltex Cup title holder.

XIE BLANKS UMEZAWA IN FEMALE KISEI: Xie Yimin defeated Umezawa Yukari by resignation on January 28 to sweep the Female Kisei 2-0. Xie now has the distinction of holding all three of Japan’s female professional titles, the Kisei, Honinbo and Meijin, as well as the Daiwa Ladies Cup.
– based on reports on JustPlayGo

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U.S. GO NEWS: Seattle Hosts Pro Workshop For Kyu Players; Myungwan Kim 9p Workshop Set For Berkeley; Orlando Hosts Guo Juan 5p Workshop; Teacher Of The Year Nominations Open; New Go Club In Chi; Turn-Based Go App Released; Smart Games Adds Igowin Life App

Monday February 22, 2010

SEATTLE HOSTS PRO WORKSHOP FOR KYU PLAYERS: Kyu players in the Northwest will want to be in Seattle this weekend. The Seattle Go Center is hosting Jennie Chen 2P for a workshop for kyu players with a focus on their issues. The workshop will be divided into two groups, so that Ms. Shen can provide instruction that’s relevant to the strength of the player. The workshop is recommended for anyone who plays full-board games and is able to record his or her games. Dan level players are welcome to attend, but the discussion will not be centered on their questions. The workshop is scheduled for this weekend, February 27-28 at the Go Center. Rates are $55 for voting members of the Seattle Go Center, and for youth; $80 for all others. Email Brian Allen for more information at

MYUNGWAN KIM 9P WORKSHOP SET FOR BERKELEY: The Bay Area Go Players Association will host a workshop with Myungwan Kim 9P  March 20-21 in Berkeley, CA. “Because of some generous donations the entry fee is just $50 for students under 23 and $90 for those 23 and over,” says Roger Schrag. The first pro sent to the U.S. by the Korean Baduk Association, Kim came to the Los Angeles area in June, 2008. He won the US Go Congress Open in 2008 and 2009. Today Kim – who was promoted to 9 dan about three months ago — runs a Go Academy in the Los Angeles’ Korean Go Club, teaching roughly three times per week. Click here for details and to register.

ORLANDO HOSTS GUO JUAN 5P WORKSHOP: The Orlando go club is hosting a workshop with Guo Juan 5P March 27-28 in Orlando, Florida. Click here for details, or email Joshua Lee at

TEACHER OF THE YEAR NOMINATIONS OPEN:  Nominations are open for the  AGF Teacher of the Year, an excellence award that comes with an all-expenses paid trip to the US Go Congress. To be eligible, a teacher must be a member of the AGA, have been teaching Go to children for at least two hours a week for two years, and have helped kids enter any available tournaments. In recent years, winners have far exceeded these requirements, some running several programs at once.  Click here <> for more information. To nominate someone for this award, including yourself, please write to The deadline is March 31.
– Paul Barchilon, EJ Youth Editor

NEW GO CLUB IN CHI: There’s a new place to play go in the Chicago area, reports local organizer Bob Barber.  The Go Center in Arlington Heights is open seven days a week, with daily and monthly fees to choose from.  “Owner Yong Yu says there are 21 boards, with room to expand, especially in nice weather,” says Barber. “Plenty of free parking, several nearby restaurants, and Young Rhee, AGA 7 dan, is often on hand for lessons.” The club is located at 350 E. Golf Road; 847-640-6474

TURN-BASED GO APP RELEASED: The new Boardz is a different way to play go online on the iPhone and iPod touch. “Games played on Boardz are turn-based, meaning you can play your moves whenever you wish,” says Boardz author Christopher Maughan, “you don’t need to stay online until the game is finished.” Boardz also features authentic ‘shell’ stone and wooden board graphics, as well as smooth animations. Full territory statistics are shown at the end of the game, and you can play with friends or random opponents on 9×9, 13×13 or 19×19 boards. Search the app store for ‘Boardz’, or you click here for more information. Boardz is $2.99, and in addition to go, can play shogi, XiangQi  and chess.

SMART GAMES ADDS IGOWIN LIFE APP: One of the fastest ways to get stronger at go is to practice life and death problems. David Fotland’s new Igowin Life gives you problems at your level, whether you are a 25-kyu beginner or a dan-level expert.  The app plays against you as you solve each problem.  It quickly learns your strength and gives you problems that challenge you to improve your skills. Igowin Life is available now in the iTunes application store for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  This app ports the “Solve Go Problems” feature from The Many Faces of Go.  Over 2000 problems are included, graded by difficulty from 25 Kyu beginner problems to difficult Dan level problems.  Problems are shown in various orientations or with colors reversed, giving over 32,000 combinations.  A magnifying glass lets you precisely choose your spot to play.  Search the app store for Igowin to find all of the Igowin applications. Several more will be released in the next few months.