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Jie Li Wins N.A. Student Oza; Saul Lapidus Tops Rochester Tourney; Zhang Repeats At Ing Youth Cup

Monday November 3, 2008

JIE LI WINS N.A. STUDENT OZA: Jie Li swept to victory in this weekend’s North American Student Oza online qualifier on KGS, winning all four rounds and the opportunity to represent North America in the upcoming 2009 World Oza in Japan. Yue Zhang (2-2) was the runner-up, losing to Li and Jeffery Fung (1-3) of Canada. And in a nail-biting battle for third place, Kwo-Ping Ho (2-2) forced Xingshuo Liu (1-3) to resign in Sunday’s final round. “Many thanks to Phil Waldron, the AGA’s new Tournament Coordinator for organizing this event,” says online Tournament Director Dennis Wheeler, “and a terrific job by newly-installed Online Tournament Directors Daniel Short, Oren Laskin and Lawrence Ku, as well as our favorite KGS admin, Akane Negishi.”

SAUL LAPIDUS TOPS ROCHESTER TOURNEY: Saul Lapidus 1D topped the fourth annual Greg Lefler Memorial Tournament , held October 25-26 in Rochester, NY. Thirty-three players from five states and Canada gathered at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) campus. “Two of the winners were deaf players,” notes TD Steve Colburn. Winner’s Report: Dan Division: 1st: Saul Lapidus 1D, 2nd: Phil Waldron 6D, 3rd: Dan Short 3D. Single Digit Kyu Division: 1st: Carrie Lapidus 6K, 2nd: Victor Kostyuk, 3rd: Peter Wynn 5K. Double Digit Kyu Division: 1st: Jesy Felecia, 2nd: Kevin King, 3rd: Brandon Chan.

ZHANG REPEATS AT ING YOUTH CUP: Hugh Zhang 6D repeated as champion of the Ing’s Cup Youth Go Tournament on October 26. The 11th annual event attracted 110 kids — including 36 first-time tourney players — to the Chinese Cultural Center of Sunnyvale, CA, where youth ranging from 6D to 30K vied for prizes and trophies. This year, tournament organizers Mingjiu Jiang 7P and Reid Augustin 5D decided to combine all of the 13×13 players into one large division, which Darren Huang won, sweeping all five of his games. Winner’s Report: Division A (Open): 1st: Hugh Zhang, 2nd: Justin Shieh, 3rd: Albert Chen. Division B: 1st: Anthony Su, 2nd: Brandon Lin, 3rd: David Su. Division C: 1st: Daniel Liu. Division D: 1st: Binjih Lin. Division E: 1st: Alex Zhu. Division F: 1st: Matthew Fu. Division G: 1st: Aaron Ye. Division H: 1st: Alan Hwang. Division I: 1st: Kevin Hung.

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Iyama Fights Back In Meijin; Cho U Takes First Game In Oza

Monday November 3, 2008

IYAMA FIGHTS BACK IN MEIJIN: Down 2-3 in his challenge for the Meijin, Iyama Yuta (right) 9P came roaring back after losing three straight to make the score 3-3 and take the match to a final Game 7 showdown. Defeating defending champion Cho U 9P by resignation after less than a hundred moves, the teen will now try to ride the momentum in his quest to be the first teenager ever to hold one of the top three titles in Japan. The final game of the best-of-seven-game match is scheduled for November 4th and 5th (U.S. time), and will be carried live on IGS starting at 7 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday night, enabling those interested in the U.S. Presidential election to follow two historic contests. 

Cho UCHO U TAKES FIRST GAME IN OZA: Cho U (left) 9P got off to a good start in his challenge of Yamashita Keigo 9P for the Oza title, winning the first game by resignation. Yamashita is hoping for a three-peat in the Oza, which he first took from Cho U in 2006. Cho had held the title for three years. Yamashita’s only other current title is the Kisei. Cho also holds the Meijin, which he is currently defending against Iyama Yuta 8P, and the Gosei among the top seven, and he is the challenger for the Tengen. Cho will quite likely be engaged in three top-seven title matches at the same time. He is also the current holder of the Agon Cup and the NHK Cup. In terms of current titles Cho is clearly number one in Japan. The next game in the Oza match is scheduled for November 13th.

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