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Ursiny wins Everything Must Go Tournament

Monday October 2, 2017

Go players from Vermont, New York, and Montreal gathered together for four rounds of fun at the Everything Must Go Tournament last 2017.10.02_Remi Compagnie playing Robert UrsinySaturday, September 30th in Middlebury, Vermont, reports Peter Schumer. The top three players all went 3-1, with Robert Ursiny 4k (right) winning the tournament. Second place went to Remi Compagnie 7d (left), with Peter Schumer 2k coming in third. True to the tournament’s name, everyone received a prize from a collection of books, magazines, fans and mugs.
- Brian Kirby; photo by Peter Schumer

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Go Spotting: Go sculpture in China

Monday October 2, 2017

“Just saw this in Chinese media,” reports Zhiping You. “These are the first go-related sculpture I have ever seen.” At right are Gu Li (right) and2017.10.02_go-sculpture-Lee-Sedol-Gu-Li Lee Sedol (left); in photo at left, Kong Jie (right) and Choe Cheoi-han (left). The sculpture 2017.10.02_go-sculpture2-kong-jie-choe-cheoi-hanis in China, Hunan Province, Fenghuang county. Every two years, beginning in 2003, this county hosts a fight between the top Chinese player and the top Korean player. So far, eight matches have taken place, Korea has won four, China has won three, and there was one tie, between Chang Hao and Lee Changho. “This year’s fight just finished on September 22,” Zhiping You says. “Ke Jie beat Park Junghwan.”

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Evanston go club featured in magazine

Sunday October 1, 2017

The Evanston Go Club is featured in a feature article in the September issue of Chicagoly Magazine. “I’ve known the author, Alan Henry, for 2017.10.01_evanston-gomany years.” said club president Mark Rubenstein. “He’s always wanted to do an article about go, and he hit a home run with this one!”
Henry interviewed Rubenstein and other club members for the article, which covers everything from the history of the game all the way up through AlphaGo.
“If you can get your hands on a physical copy, it’s worth it.” said Rubenstein. “It looks even better on the printed page, and there are some things that aren’t in the online version. Kudos to Alan and everyone at Chicagoly Magazine for putting together one of the best articles about go I’ve ever read!”
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AlphaGo-AlphaGo Game 9: A trade and the ko that didn’t happen

Friday September 29, 2017

“In this game there’s a big fight on the left side involving a ko and a trade,” says Michael Redmond 9p in his game commentary on AlphaGo-AlphaGo Game 9. “Then there’s another ko that doesn’t happen.”   2017.09.29_ag-ag-thumb-9

Click here for Redmond’s video commentary, hosted by the AGA E-Journal’s Chris Garlock.

Stay tuned for a special video coming soon in which Redmond responds to viewer questions on the AlphaGo-AlphaGo games so far. And Redmond’s Game 10 commentary is coming too, “an outstanding game, a very complicated game that was keeping me up at night trying to understand it. If you’re a serious go player, this game is going to have an impact.”

The Game 9 video is produced by Michael Wanek and Andrew Jackson. The sgf file was created by Redmond, with editing and transcription by Garlock and Myron Souris.



Transcribers wanted for AlphaGo-AlphaGo book project

Thursday September 28, 2017

The popular AlphaGo vs. AlphaGo video commentaries by Michael Redmond are now being turned into an e-book and volunteer transcribers are wanted 2017.09.02_alphago-game5to help transcribe Redmond’s commentary. “We’re really excited to be working with SmartGo Books to bring Michael’s commentaries on these amazing games to the e-book format,” says series host Chris Garlock. “The book will be a great companion to the videos and sgf files that have already proven to be so popular.” Transcribers will be credited in the book. Those interested should have some experience with transcription and be prepared to spend 5-10 hours/week over the next few weeks to keep this project on schedule. “I can’t promise this will make you a stronger player but it’ll certainly help you gain a deeper understanding of these important and historic games,” says Redmond. To apply, email

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Your Move/Readers Write: More pro go news wanted

Wednesday September 27, 2017

“I love the E-Journal updates of what is going on in the professional go world,” writes Howard Cornett. “But I want more! Where are links to the game records? Is there any more detailed coverage in English somewhere? And an in-depth explanation of all the leagues and their rules would be great, too. Are they in English somewhere? I recently started re-reading the manga Hikaru No Go and want to be able to follow the professional go world like others follow football, baseball, or soccer. What resources are there in English? If not in English, what language will I have to learn or plug into Google Translate?”
Send your responses/suggestions to We’re always looking for reporting/translation assistance/support here at the E-Journal, as well; if you’re interested in being part of the team, email us at


Go Spotting: A Whisper of Caladan Seas

Wednesday September 27, 2017

A Whisper of Caladan Seas is a part of the science fiction universe of Dune taking place some ten thousand years in the future, reports Terry2017.09.26_RoadtoDune Benson. The book includes a go-related quote from when the “good guys” are trapped in a cave. Quoting an excerpt from the book, “Squatting on the stone floor off to his left, two sullen soldiers had used their fingertips to trace a grid in the dust. With light and dark stones they played a make-shift game of go – a carryover from ancient Terra.” Benson notes that “(it’s) nice to imagine that our ancient game will still be played and on other worlds.”
- Brian Kirby

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European Go Center to celebrate 25th anniversary

Tuesday September 26, 2017

The European Go Cultural Center (EGCC) in Amstelveen will hosting a special EGCC Anniversary Go Tournament October 21-22 to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Founded in 1992, the EGCC was made possible by the financial support of Iwamoto Kaoru 9p, the Nihon Ki-in, and the 2017.09.26_egc-annivJapanese community in the Netherlands, and is still going strong 25 years later.
The tournament is a Level C tournament in the European Grand Prix, which means that winners will be eligible to earn Grand Prix points to increase their chances of nomination for international go events in Asia.
The 5-round McMahon tournament will span two days, from October 21st through the 22ndSaturday evening will feature special guests from the Nihon Ki-in, the European Go Federation, and the Dutch Go Association, followed by an Indonesian-style dinner provided by the EGCC, free of charge. Registration is €25, which includes dinner on Saturday, along with the chance to win up to €750 in prize money.
Click here for more information about the tournament and registration.
- Brian Kirby
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Clock ticking on Cotsen Open registration

Sunday September 24, 2017

The pre-registration deadline for this year’s Cotsen Open is now less than a month away. Pre-register here by October 19 for one of the go 2017.09.24_cotsen-2016-IMG_2036calendar’s biggest and most popular events. In addition to the 2-day, 5-round tournament October 21-22 at the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles, this year’s event features a screening of The Surrounding Game, food trucks (free lunch for pre-registered players), the ever-popular masseuses and the Sunday game between Yilun Yang 7P and Qun Yang 8P.

Cotsen organizers are looking for volunteers to help with set-up, check-in and and take-down; email if interested. As usual, the E-Journal will broadcast top-board games; if interested in being on the recording team, email (must have laptop with KGS).

photo: Tournament sponsor Eric Cotsen (second from right) considers a move at the 2016 Cotsen Open as Yilun Yang (far right) looks on); photo by Chris Garlock


Seattle shows off American Go Honor Society awards

Saturday September 23, 2017

Coach Sonny (Sung-Chul) Cho distributed American Go Honor Society first place awards to two teams from the Northwest Chinese School onCoach Sonny Cho with American Go Honor Society Winners- lighter September 5 at the Seattle Go Center.  The “A” team of Xinlei Liu, Chansseok Oh and Steve Ling won the Open Section of the online School Team Simul Games with Hai Li -2Tournament, which was held in April 2017.  The “B” team of the Northwest Chinese School won the Kyu Section of the tournament, playing against 10 other school teams.   They are Yulissa Wu Lu, Tian Yi Wang and Emma Huang.   The principal of the Northwest Chinese School is Dong Ma 6d, a long time supporter of the Seattle Go Center.  The teams celebrated by having pizza and ice cream, and by playing simultaneous games with Chinese pro Hai Li, who was visiting Seattle with his family after attending the San Diego Go Congress.  Report and photos by Brian Allen.