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Wednesday June 9, 2010

The British Go Association (BGA) has recently completed a project to get all issues of the British Go Journal into an on-line archive.   Each issue since 1967 is available as a PDF file, with many issues having some of their content translated into web pages.  Making article web pages is an ongoing project, and issues will only become available to the general public once they become a year old.  There are 148 issues currently available with games and instructional articles for kyu through dan-level players.

Early issues were produced on typewriters and used an algebraic notation to describe games and positions.  Starting with issue number 4, pictures were added and the web page versions include SGF and GO format game records.  News from the local, national, and international go scenes in the issues as well as 40+ years of  “internal wranglings” of the BGA provide an amazing resource for anyone interested in go history, or just in improving their game.
EuroGoTV; photo: Jon Diamond, creator of the first BGA journal prototype in 1967; he was British Champion at the time and is the current BGA President