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Sunday May 9, 2010

Pavol Lisy 3d won his first Slovak title by going undefeated during the seven-round 19th Slovak Championship, held in Terchova April 28 – May 2. Maros Kral 3d took silver 6-1, while 2009 Champion Martin Reindl 3d finished with bronze 5-2.  The Danish Championship, held April 30 – May 2 in Copenhagen ended in a four-way tie, three of whom had the same SOS: Kasper Hornbaek 5d, Uffe Rasmussen 4d, Torben Pedersen 3d, and Thomas Heshe 5d all had 4-2 records.  Vanessa Wong 4d (r) silenced all opposition in the British Candidates Tournament, going 6-0 in Cambridge May 1-3.  The Candidates Tournament is Stage 1 of the British Championship.  Andrew Simons 2d and Matthew ‘Sahara’ Scott 1d both had 5 wins and came in second and third.  In Milan, Italy, May 1-2, Davide Minieri 3d (l) won all four of the games he played to win the 16th Brambilla Memorial tournament.  Carlo Metta 2d and Julian van den Busken 1k took the silver and bronze respectively.  In the Under 1-kyu Romanian Cup tournament, Liliana Iacob 4k finished first in her home town of Braila on May 2, finishing ahead of Teodor Sandu 2k and Costel Pintilie 5k, who were also 4-1. Thomas Kettenring 3d won the 14th Bierseidl in Munich over Norbert Jendruch 3d based on SOS, but Jendruch became the Bavarian State champion based on beating Kettenring head-to-head. Franz Michna 4d was third.  Alexandr Kornjukhin 2d won the Russian Rostov Championship May 1-2. His 4-1 result topped both Igor Chumakov 2d and Alexej Akishin 1d, who were each 3-2.  Paal Sannes 4d finished on top with a 4-1 record in the Oslo Open 2010 on May 2 in Norway.  Vestgaarden Oystein 2d and Kutsukake Toshiya 2d were second and third.
– Peter Dijkema, EJ European Correspondent, reporting on EuroGoTV, where you can find more detailed reports on each event.