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Ljubljana Wins Slovenian Team Title in Kranj

Sunday May 9, 2010

Andrej Kralj 3d led veteran Eduard Ekart 5d and Timotej Suc 3d of the Ljubljana team to victory in the Slovenian Team Championships in Kranj, last Saturday, May 8.  Novo Mesto was second,  Ljubljana-2 third, while host Kranj came in last.  Leader Leon Matoh 4d won all games for the silver team and young talent Luka Camernik 1d did the same for bronze winners. Full results here. Also in Kranj on Saturday, local Nenad Denadic 6k won all four in an event which closed the Youth Week.  Katja Bercic 5k from the capital Ljubljana took silver on SOS, ahead of local Andrej Koncilja 10k (bronze) and two guests from Italy, 4th Davide Bertok 9k of Trieste and Anna Marconi 12k of Udinese. Katja uploaded the full results of both events to the European Go Database.
Peter Dijkema, European correspondent



Friday April 23, 2010

In the decisive fourth round, OGP defeated PoGo 3-1 to take first place in the Finnish Team Championship, held April 17-18 in Espoo, Finland.  OGP was led by Su Yang 6d who went undefeated in the five round event, which featured six teams of four players.  PoGo’s second man Juri Kuronen 4d also won all his games. In the open team title, five teams of three players battled for five rounds with Dango defeating PoGo in another decisive fourth round.
– Peter Dijkema, EJ European Correspondent, reporting on EuroGoTV