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KBA to Award Certificates at N.A. Go Convention

Saturday December 15, 2012

Top finishers at the upcoming North American Go Convention will earn Korean Baduk Association (KBA) certificates signed by Lee Chang-ho 9P and Cho Hunhyun 9P, which come with a handy wallet-sized KBA rank card. Myungwan Kim 9P has arranged for the certificates in coordination with the KBA.

The N.A. Go Convention Feb. 8-17, 2013 takes place in both Parsippany NJ and Washington DC and will have nine open divisions ranging from 20+k to 6+d. The Convention also features a Blitz Go and Pair Go tournaments. Three professional players will play simul games and give lectures and game reviews. Click here to see the full schedule of the 9-day convention and to register. Pre-register by 12/25/2012; rates will rise 10% after Christmas, and 20% after 1/15/2013.
Photo: Myungwan Kim 9P with the KBA 1-dan certificate awarded to Donald Allison at the 1st Young Kwon National Online Tournament.




Saturday August 28, 2010

During the August 7 closing banquet at this year’s Go Congress in Colorado Springs, Myung-Wan Kim 9P (r) again donated $500 of his US Open prize winnings to the American Go Foundation (AGF). “The American go community is very fortunate to have Myung-Wan Kim living and teaching here,” said Paul Barchilon, AGF Vice President and Youth Coordinator for the American Go Association (AGA). “And his support of our youth activities is a testament to his commitment to the future of go in this country.” This is the third consecutive year Kim has donated to the AGF, which promotes scholastic and youth go programs in the U.S. “I always want to do something for the go community in the U.S.,” Kim said in 2008 when he made his first contribution at the Go Congress in Portland OR. This year he has a new plan. “I think building the professional system is the most important thing the U.S. go community needs to do. I will work with Hankuk-kiwon (Korea Baduk/Go Association) to make that happen.”
– by Zhiyuan ‘Edward’ Zhang; photos by Gen Zhang



Monday June 28, 2010

Jian Liu 1d (r) topped the NOVA Congress Tune-up Team Competition in Arlington, VA on June 26. The Great Falls Go Club C Team — Ching-Sung Chin 3k, Jerry Chen 4k and Ethan Hsiao 33k — won the team competition, a new feature of the quarterly 4-round handicap tournament in which 3-6 players can form a team and the team with the most wins per player wins $100 cash prize. The team competition — sponsored by NGOL.US — inspired players to check team scores frequently and come up creative team names like Muse, Richmond Rogues and Bamfs. The NOVA and GFGC-A Team were close behind with seven wins each. Click here for more photos.  Winners were awarded a NOVA trophy and/or five hours of Guo Juan 5P’s audio go lessons. After serving as a Tournament Director for nearly 20 years, Allan Abramson retired as an TD earlier this year, but coached Garrett Smith, NOVA Go Club president and Edward Zhang to run this NOVA tourney. New Asia Market catered lunch from Rockville, MD, and players liked the combo of lunch box and bubble tea.
Winners Report: 1-6D, 1st: Jian Liu 1d, 2nd: Daniel Chou 6d and Ray Hunley 1d; 2-3K, 1st: Hua Lin, 2nd: Ching-Sung Chin 3k; 4K, 1st: Kevin Chin, 2nd: Jerry Chen; 7-12K, 1st: Gurujeet Khalsa 9k, 2nd: Joey Phoon 7k and Garrett Smith 12k; 15-20K, 1st: Marcus Phoon 17k, 2nd: Tristan Tran 17k; 21K+, 1st: Ethan Hsiao 33k.
– Report/photo by Tournament Director Zhiyuan ‘Edward’ Zhang