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Go Spotting: “The Row” film

Monday June 18, 2018

“The Row,” a brand-new short film about life and death, prominently features go. The 16-minute film stars Vondie Curtis-Hall as2018.06.19_TheRow-film a prison warden who plays a final game of go with death row inmate Demetrius Grosse. The film is directed by Philiane Phang. “The filmmakers had chosen a game they thought reflected the situation, but wanted help with some equipment, showing the actors how to play the stones and such,” reports AGA president Andy Okun, who is acknowledged in the film credits.  The game depicted was the famous Honinbo Sansa Kashio Rigen triple ko game from 1582, with its suggestion of stalemate and ill fortune. 

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Upcoming Go Events: Evanston and Sacramento

Monday June 18, 2018

June 23: Evanston, IL
Summer Solstice Tournament
Mark Rubenstein mark@evanstongoclub.org 847-869-6020

June 30: Sacramento, CA
Davis/Sacraento Summer Quarterly Tournament
Willard Haynes willard@emeritus.csus.edu 916-929-6112

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Fu, Xu and Ou top first Boston Youth Go Tournament

Monday June 18, 2018

Sixteen kids participated the first Boston Youth Go Tournament at the Neo Millennium Go Club on May 28th.
The top three players of the senior division were Chase (Bin) Fu, Andrew (Hancheng) Xu and Hanchi Ou. Top four players of junior division were Hantong Li, Yuheng Xue, Jin Greene and Jate Greene.
- Ke Lu


Janice Kim on big and small moves in Albuquerque

Monday June 18, 2018

In a recent game review session for Albuquerque players, Janice Kim 3P emphasized ideas about judging big moves and big areas, 2018.06.18_janice-albuquerqueand, looking at that from the reverse side, not making small moves to respond to your opponent’s last play. “Why should you have to know where your opponent’s last move was?” she asked. ” You should be looking at the whole board to find the best place to play.”
- report/photo by Bob Gilman


Candidates chosen for 2018 AGA election

Sunday June 17, 2018

Candidates for the 2018 board election are in. Central candidate: Lisa Scott; Eastern candidate: Gurujeet Khalsa; Western candidate: Christopher Saenz; At-Large candidate: Paul Celmer. Members and chapters should check their expiration dates and email addresses with the AGA to ensure they receive their ballots.

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