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September 19, 2005
Volume 5, #82

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LATEST GO NEWS: Chapter League Signing Teams For Season 2; Jie Li Headed To Texas?; 3rd North American Oza Set; Jujo Out Of The Maxim Cup; Cristian Pop Tops Toyota-Denso Brno Tourney; Sakai Wins Second NHK Cup Game; Iyama Games Available; Heavenly Go?; Playing With Jerry; Go Peru


CHAPTER LEAGUE SIGNING TEAMS FOR SEASON 2: Teams are signing up now for the second season of the AGA Chapter Team League. The Team League is your chance to battle side by side with your buddies against teams from all over the US.. The national team tournament pits chapter against chapter in an exciting online even that saw 14 teams competing in last year's inaugural season. With s pecial "Fighting Spirit" prizes, players are guaranteed to win by simply playing ten games -- as long as their teammates do the same. Official Tournament Rules and sign-up at

JIE LI HEADED TO TEXAS? Informed sources tell the EJ that top US amateur Jie Li 9d is planning to attend the Texas Open at the end of October. The Texas Open's prize purse includes $1,500 for first place in the Open Section. Space is still available at the Camp Allen (TX) Retreat and Conference Center for the week of go study capped off with a weekend of competition. "We are delighted to have Yilun Yang 7p hold a four day workshop leading up to the Texas Open Go Tournament," October 24-30, reports organizer Robert Cordingley. There are a limited number of places in the workshop and a limited number of tournament day commutes so plan to register early. Details at

3RD NORTH AMERICAN OZA SET: New York and Las Vegas will be the sites of the 3rd North American Toyota/Denso Oza Tournament, scheduled for January 14-15, 2006. New York organizer Roy Laird reports that the Oza, with more than $20,000 in prizes, features the largest total purse of any North American tournament, with impressive trophies, serious cash at all levels, transferable credits toward the 2006 US Go Congress for the winners, and "Fighting Spirit" prizes for everyone who finishes all six rounds. The highest placing citizen or permanent resident in both tournaments will join a 32-person field comprising many of the world's top players in the World Toyotas/Denso Go Oza, playing for a top prize of about $270,000 and a new Lexus. Save the dates and watch for further developments here and on the Oza web page at

JUJO OUT OF THE MAXIM CUP: Jiang Zhujiu (Jujo) 9P lost his first round game in the 7th Maxim Cup to Yun Seunghyeon 9P on September 6th. Jujo is well-known to US players from his eight straight wins in the now discontinued North American Masters Tournament. Zhujiu and Michael Redmond 9P are the only 9P pros who are US citizens, although neither he nor Michael now reside in the US. Jujo made go history in 2003 in the Maxim Cup when he and his wife, Rui Naiwei 9P, were the finalists: it was the first time a husband-wife team played in the finals of a pro tournament in Asia. The two played in the finals of the North American Masters three times, in 1996, 1999, and 2000, Jujo winning every time. Jujo also won the Maxim match, but there won't be a repeat performance this time. Rui is scheduled to play Kang Hoon 9P in her first round game.

CRISTIAN POP TOPS TOYOTA-DENSO BRNO TOURNEY: Cristian Pop 7d of Romania won the recent Toyota-PandaNet European Go Tour event in Brno, Czech Republic. Pop lost only to Cornel Burzo 6d of Romania, who attended the US Congress in Tacoma and took second in Brno, losing only to joint second place winner Csaba Mero 6d of Hungary. There were a total of 145 players. E-Journal readers will recall that Pop was the European representative in the last Seimitsu Cup, losing to the US's Jie Li 9d.
- drawn from BGA News reports

SAKAI WINS SECOND NHK CUP GAME: Sakai Hideyuki 7P, the former WAGC champion who is now a pro in the Kansai Kiin, has won his second game in the 53rd NHK Cup, the fast play tournament that is a popular TV feature in Japan. Sakai won his first game by 1.5 points over Kato Atsushi 8P and his second by 3.5 points over Mimura Tomoyasu 9P. His next opponent will be the winner of a match between Kono Rin 7P and Yamashita Keigo 9P. Another up-and-coming younger player, Han Zenki 7P also won his second round game, defeating Cho Sonjin 9P. Other second round winners are Hane Naoki 9P and Kobayashi Satoru 9P. You can download the game records from the site.

IYAMA GAMES AVAILABLE: Nine games of the rapidly rising Japanese 16 year old sensation Iyama Yuta 4P are available for downloading on the site. These include his remarkable recent victories over Cho U 9P (currently the number one player in Japan) and O Rissei 9P in the Agon Cup, in which he also defeated Cho Chikun 9P, and will be playing Kobayashi Satoru 9P in the finals. Iyama's victory over Kobayashi in the fast play NHK Cup in August, which is included in the available games, suggests that Kobayashi needs to prepare well. You can find a picture of Iyama at Yuta .

HEAVENLY GO? "The new main-stream movie 'Just Like Heaven' has a brief scene with a go board," reports Tim Hoel. "A man in San Francisco is looking to sublet an apartment and is taken to several unusu al choices, including a Japanese-style room with low tables, pillows, and a go board sitting in the middle of the room. His only comment is 'where's the furniture?'"

PLAYING WITH JERRY: "(Dark Star is) kind of like the game of Go. It's so simple, it doesn't have many rules - it's really simple and also ultimately as complicated as you could possibly get it. It's both things at the same time." The Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia, from the liner notes of Greyfolded, a "plunderphonic" album based on 25 years of performances of Dark Star by the Grateful Dead, compiled into a 2-CD performance by John Oswxxald. (from a posting on

GO PERU: The 7th Iberoamerican Go Tournament is set for October 7-9 in Lima, Peru. "Some go players plan to visit Machu Picchu after the tournament," reports Loli Puerta. Get details on the tournament and accommodations at


September 24: Germantown, MD
Moon Cha Memorial
Yuan Zhou 301-528-7259
Note: Pre-registration is REQUIRED (Space is limited); Deadline: 9/17/05 (CHECK WITH YUAN ZHOU TO SEE IF THERE'S ANY SPACE LEFT)

September 25: Hoboken, NJ
Hoboken Fall Ratings Tournament
Larry Russ 201-216-5379

October 7-10: Round Top, NY
2005 Columbus day workshop with Guo Juan
Jean-Claude Chetrit 718-638-2266

October 9: Somerville, MA
MGA Fall Handicap Tournament
Zack Grossbart 617-497-1232

October 15: Blacksburg, VA
Virginia Tech Go Tournament
Alpha Chen 540.818.3692

October 22-23: Portland, OR
Portland Go Tournament
Peter Drake 503-768-7539 (W); 503-245-1239 (H)

October 24-28: Navasota, TX
Pro Workshop with Yilun Yang - in conjunction with the Texas Open
Robert J Cor dingley 281-333-1614

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