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October 28, 2005
Volume 5, #93

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GAME COMMENTARY: Overplays & Missed Chances
THE TRAVELING BOARD: Report From Hang Zhou, China
ATTACHED FILES: 2005.10.28 Rui-An, Dinerchtein.sgf; 2005.10.28 Challenge, ARA100-Huynh Yang.sgf

LIVE FROM TEXAS: Look for full coverage of the Texas Open this weekend, as the E-Journal broadcasts Board 1 games live from Houston, starting at 9A (CST) Saturday morning. Photos, game records and tournament news updates will also be posted all weekend on the AGA website news page:

WALDRON TOPS LEFLER MEMORIAL: Phil Waldron 5d was one of three four-game winners at last weekend's First Annual Greg Lefler Memorial Go Tournament in Rochester, NY. Complete report, plus the new Greg Lefler Memorial Library, on Monday.

TEAM USA GOES TO CHINA: A delegation of go players representing the U.S. is now participating in the International City GO championship in Hong Zhou, China, hosted by the Hong Zhou Qi Yuan and the Chinese Go Association. The delegation inclu des Ned Phipps, Jack Shih, Kevin Chao, Jon Hartsel, Steve Wu, Gordon Castanza and Albert Guo and is accompanied by Feng Yun 9P and AGA President Mike Lash (see The Traveling Board, below, for his report).

STRONGEST WOMAN TOURNEY REACHES SEMIFINALS: The 7th Strongest Woman tournament in Japan is at the semi-final stage. A number of well-known players have been eliminated. Details on Monday.

SO & CHOI TOP PRO WINNERS LIST: So Yokoku 8P tops the list of pro game winners in Japan with 38 so far in 2005. Tops in Korea is Choi Cheolhan 9P with 56. Details on Monday.

COMING UP MONDAY: Brad Woodard 21k on "Learning to Love the Handicap." Plus all the latest go news from around the world!

WEEKEND GO ACTION: Arlington , VA, Tempe, AZ & Navasota, TX
- October 29: Arlington, VA
Pumpkin Classic
Allan Abramson 703-684-7676
- October 29: Tempe AZ
Arizona Rating Tournament
William Gundberg 480-429-0300
- October 29-30: Navasota, TX
2005 Texas Open Go Tournament
Robert J Cordingley 281-333-1614

GAME COMMENTARY: Overplays & Missed Chances
       An early overplay by Rui Naiwei 9P in today's game leaves her struggling against An Dalhun 6P in the October 14 round from the 2005 Korean League. Alexandre Dinerchtein 1P provides his usual keen analysis, including an exploration of a newly popular joseki variation.
       Meanwhile, Shodan Challenger Lee Huynh 10k misses his chance to wrap up a win in today's bonus game commentary featuring extensi ve comments and variations by Yilun Yang 7P.

THE TRAVELING BOARD: Report From Hang Zhou, China
By Mike Lash
       Silk embroidered clothes and artwork, fragrant steaming tea, elegant go stones, delicious food at every meal. These are the surroundings in which the two U.S. teams are competing at the International City Go championship, an annual event held in Hang Zhou, China, a lovely city nestled against a shimmering lake. This is the first time that a team from the United States has participated, so we are being treated with a high level of interest: three newspapers, two TV stations and a radio station have already interviewed me about go in America, Feng Yung's contribution to go and our experiences in China.
       There are 68 players among the 22 teams, 16 from China and the rest from Hong Kong, Macau, Canada, North and South Korea and the U.S. The tournament format is quite different from the U.S; games are sudden death with one hour for each player. Except for the first round, players may play their own team members during the 9-round event and there are no sections, no handicaps and no assigned ratings. Komi is 7.5. Players are matched against each other by similarity of record; winners play winners and by the 6th round there is only one player still undefeated. One might play against a 3d, 7d, 1d and 4d in that order, without any indication of the opponent's strength or handicap. On top of all that, the pairing system isn't at all clear.
       Our hosts have gone to great lengths to impress us; the opening ceremony featured a beautiful, artistically presented feast, tours have been arranged and of course the usual shopping opportunities abound for those so inclined. Several friendship games have been arranged for me with the President of the C hinese National Qi Yuan Association, the President of the Hang Zhou Qi Yuan Association, the CEO of the corporate sponsor, a fellow team leader, and a simul for all against several professionals including Feng Yun. Needless to say, the competition is very strong and there are no kyu players anywhere in sight.
       Our top U.S. professional, Feng Yun 9P, is treated with the greatest respect and interest and I have seen first-hand how fortunate we are to have her in the U.S. sharing her vast skills and knowledge of go with our youth. Judging by the number of young players under 15 in this event who already achieved at least 3d amateur level strength, it is clearer than ever that investing in training and education at the youngest ages is the only way to grow the national caliber of play in America. Go seems to have
experienced a major resurgence in general Chinese population and there are already hundreds of nationally certified amate urs in the go community and many thousands more competing to get certified.
       While our teams have given their best, the top teams are likely to be from China and even from Hang Zhou itself. It's clear that the support provided to the entire go community from the government and the large number of local sponsors for associations and tournaments all over China assure the growth in strength and popularity for many years to come. This is the challenge for the AGA: to find similar support and embark on a long-term program to raise our game.
       Lash is the President of the American Go Association.


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