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October 29, 2005
Volume 5, #94

ATTACHED FILES: 2005.10.29 Texas Open #1 Jie Li-KS Kim.sgf; 2005.10.29 Texas Open #2 DS Kim-Jie Li.sgf; 2005.10.29 Texas Open #3 Jie Li-X Wang.sgf

Jie Li survived a tough day on the go board today at the 2005 Texas Open, duking it out with a tremendously aggressive Kyung-Sik Kim 7d in Round 1, sumo wrestling with the patient but persistent Dong Soo Kim 6d in Round 2 and then narrowly eking out a 4.5-point victory against the surprisingly resilient Xuelin Wang 6d in Round 3, where an easy win dramatically turned into a near-rout in the late middle game. Li, who is the titleholder for the 2005 U.S. Masters, Ing and Cotsen titles, is now well-positioned to take home the 2005 Texas Open title as well, which he held from 1999-2002. All three of today's rounds - with hot-off-the-presses commentary by Jie Li -- are attached to today's special Texas Open Edition of the E-Journal; non-members who enjoy the games are encouraged to sign up for the Member's Edition and get great games every week: sign up now at
LIVE FROM TEXAS! Today's Texas Open Board 1 games were all broadcast live on the IGS, allowing hundreds of go players worldwide to enjoy the games. Photos and reports were updated each round on the AGA website at where today's games are also posted. Thanks to IGS for hosting the online games, and to the Texas Open organizers (most especially Robert Cordingley) at the Houston Go Club, Austin Go Club, Rice University Go Club and Ziggy's Go Club, for arranging for E-Journal coverage of the Open. Extra special thanks to Edna Fiedler and her husband Walt, for not only ferrying EJ Managing Editor Chris Garlock to Navasota, but for making sure we found great Texas barbecue along the way.

TEXAS OPEN PRELIMINARY REPORT:  With one day still left to go in the 2005 Texas Open, here are the preliminary results:
       Open Section results. Jie Li 9d, 3-0 (defeated K. Kim, D. Kim, X. Wang); Xuelin Wang 6d 2-1 (d. R. Xie, X. Li); Rouyu Bai 6d 2-1 (d. S. Rho, S. Lu); Xiangshang Li 7d, 2-1 (d. MC Kim, R. Bai); Kyung-Sik Kim 7d 2-1 (d. S. Rho, DS Kim); Rui Xie 7d, 2-1 (d. MC Kim, S. Lu); Dong Soo Kim 6d, 1-2 (d. S. Lu); Seung Rho 6d 1-2 (d. MC Kim); Shijang Lu, 0-3; Moon Chong Kim 7d, 0-3.
       Handicap Section: 4-0 winners: Jonathan Sobieski 13k; Hwi Soo Cho 10k; 3-1 winners: Daniel Jacqua 11k (& Shodan Challenger); Joo Cho 7k; Bob Stewart 16k; John Eckelkamp 12k.
       The Open Section will plays rounds 4 & 5 tomorrow (watch Board1 LIVE ON IGS at 9A and 1P CST), while the Handicap section will play three more rounds. Look for final results in Monday's E-Journal.

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